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Unfinished Sympathy video by Massive Attack starts here. Los Angeles California
Wong Kim Ark of birthright citizenship case born here 1873. San Francisco California
Security guard and skateboarder clash was here. San Francisco California
Kembrew McLeod wrote much of The Downtown Pop Underground here. Iowa City Iowa
Justice Kavanaugh's Beach Week Condo, 1983 Ocean City Maryland
Slave pens were here, now Busch Stadium. St. Louis Missouri
Springsteen Bought Jimmy Cliff Tape Here - Trapped Amsterdam Netherlands
Patti Smith visited Inkwood Books. Allendale New Jersey
Clarence Clemons, Ernest Hemingway & Babe Ruth were here. Beach Haven New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen rehearsed in garage here, home of David Sancious, on "E Street." Belmar New Jersey
Cape May church was in Philly World's Fair. Cape May Point New Jersey
Enslaved people were sold here in 1818 by Judge Van Wickle. East Brunswick New Jersey
Haddon Heights Post Office Has Original Noguchi Haddon Heights New Jersey
Trenton Speedway on Site of Grounds for Sculptor; Concerts; Black Driver Hamilton Township New Jersey
Lyman & Scott Love Lock on Sandy Hook Bridge Highlands New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen Motorcycle DUI Arrest Here; Final Episode of Guiding Light Highlands New Jersey
Couple married 60 years met here - Patty and Frank Cosner Lambertville New Jersey
First College Football Game EVER Was Played Here Nov. 6, 1869 New Brunswick New Jersey
Keystone Watch Case Co. was here. Riverside New Jersey
Birthplace of Hip Hop Bronx New York
Did Jackie Robinson sell suits at this Sears? Brooklyn New York
Marky Ramone likes to eat at Sociale. Brooklyn New York
Jay-Z lived at and rapped about apartment here. Brooklyn New York
Terry Gross (NPR) was fired as high school teacher here. Buffalo New York
Ivy here planted long ago - Korean Church of Queens East Elmhurst New York
Mob Leveled a Gay Cruising Spot Here Flushing New York
Members of Angry Homophobic Mob Lived Here Flushing New York
Chagall, Michael Jackson, lived here. New York New York
Worst Train Crash in American History, Nov. 1, 1918 New York New York
Velvet Underground, Studio 54 & Capt. Kangaroo, Same Building? New York New York
Playwright Robert Heide lived here in the early 60s. New York New York
Lisa Jane Persky, Harry Koutoukas and Yoko Ono lived here. New York New York
Bibbe Hansen grew up here. New York New York
Peace Eye Bookstore was here. (Ed Sanders; Fugs; Andy Warhol) New York New York
Uzzi family Easter photo in New York Times shot here. New York New York
Jewish Deli in Philip Roth's "Operation Shylock" - Barney Greengrass, The Sturgeon King New York New York
Madonna was coat-check clerk here (Russian Tea Room). New York New York
The Mineshaft BDSM club was here. Now it's Sugar Factory. New York New York
Florent Restaurant was here. New York New York
Bette Midler lives here. New York New York
Playwright Harry Koutoukas lived here. New York New York
Plaza Sound Studios was here. (Blondie; Ramones) New York New York
Edward Wiessner's grandfather born in apartment upstairs here. New York New York
John Cale lived, Velvet Underground wrote, here. New York New York
Thelonius Monk's "Nutty" recorded here - Five Spot New York New York
Rock Star Genya Ravan grew up here, song name - 202 Rivington Street New York New York
Genya Raven had her first kiss here. New York New York
Curb Engraving In Front Of Gee Whiz Diner New York New York
Andy Warhol lived here in 1949. New York New York
Andy Warhol lived here 1949-1950. New York New York
Andy Warhol lived here in 1950. New York New York
Name of musician St. Vincent' is from hospital where Dylan Thomas died. New York New York
Bette Midler lived here. New York New York
Julianne Moore had lived here. New York New York
Porn theater used to be here - Ittadi Garden & Grill Queens New York
Bob Dylan Lived and Wrote Here (Cafe Espresso) Woodstock New York
F&S, a quintessential dive bar in Allentown, PA Allentown Pennsylvania
How Rosalie Avenue in Bensalem, PA, Got Its Name Bensalem Pennsylvania
Mansion has Chicago Bulls-themed basketball court inside. Blue Bell (formerly Pigeontown) Pennsylvania
Bill Haley was music director at WPWA. Brookhaven Pennsylvania
Peter Stone Brown and Ray Benson went to school here. Conshohocken Pennsylvania
Did Bob Dylan & Suze Rotolo stay here? Elkins Park Pennsylvania
Artist Edward Lis lived here. Gulph Mills Pennsylvania
Martin Luther King Jr Spoke At This High School Kennett Square Pennsylvania
Did Wu-Tang Clan play in Lansdale, PA? Lansdale Pennsylvania
Perfect Foods, maker of Twitzels, was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Woman Shot To Death In Her Car Here - Ebony Sequita Pack Lansdale Pennsylvania
Frank Boston, African American, Founded Hospital Here in 1934 Lansdale Pennsylvania
Dr. Frank Boston, Black Founder of Lansdale Hospital in 1934, Had Office Here Lansdale Pennsylvania
Oldest Company in Philadelphia Area - Saint-Gobain Malvern Pennsylvania
William Henry Hastie Jr. died here. Norristown Pennsylvania
McCusker's Tavern could have been in Invincible, but declined. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Marty Graham's House of Horror Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Lex Street Massacre was here in 2000. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Tacony Dungeon Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rittenhouse Coffee Shop facade is saved. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cadillac Club, where Aretha sang, was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Peter Stretch's Corner at the Sign of the Dial - Philadelphia Clockmaker Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philadelphia's first purpose-built mosque: Baitul Aafiyat Mosque. Geographic Center of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Playground, from show intro, with Will Smith Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bob Dylan played dodgeball here, Burholme Park, circa 1963. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
CPCU Society had its first office here, in this Art Deco building. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Fantasy Lounge Supper Club Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
O'Jays Stayed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Jewish Daily Forward was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Nina Simone was rejected by Curtis Institute of Music; received honorary degree. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Real-life setting for play called Untitled Project #213. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Husker Du played in this rowhouse basement - West Side Club Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Grain Silo Turned Into Apartments - Kenneth Parker Lived Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
William Henry Hastie Jr. Lived Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Churches once stood across from Pat's and Geno's Steaks. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Building has its own zip code, Trading Places filmed here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Founders of Phila. Eagles were married here; church is now a circus school. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Old Rose Restaurant Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
East Side Club was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke was born in a rowhouse here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke sold newspapers here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke had a car wash here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke panhandled here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rapper Beanie Sigel's Elementary School, Art Deco Building Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Aqua Lounge (jazz) was here; most dangerous corner 2007. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
WWII hero Eddie Houseman lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
WWII Hero Eddie Houseman's Parents Lived Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
There were once poker games in the basement here - Jewelers' Row. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
School Teacher Ellen Greenberg Died Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Houseman Funeral Home Was Here During Spanish Flu Pandemic Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Hotel Carlyle was in the Green Book. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Printmaker Dox Thrash lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Raymond Pace Alexander had law office here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
John S. Trower Building Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Strange Place for Trump Campaign News Conference - Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Dr. Frank Boston Lived Here When Corresponding With W.E.B. Du Bois Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Racist Menu Item at Lennie's Hoagies Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bar appeared in Schoolly D song and video - Parkside Inn. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
SEPTA stop appears in Schoolly D video. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Street signs appear on Schoolly D video. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Used to be a dry cleaners - New Hope of Deliverance Church Philadelphia Pennsylvania
ACME supermarket on site of Moyamensing Prison Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Paul Robeson's great-great-grandparents had a bakery here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Abandoned as a baby in a dresser here - Cheryl Edwards. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
19th-century cemetery found at 5th & Spring Garden Sts. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The real James Bond (007) lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
New Greater Straightway Baptist Church originally a Byzantine-Moorish style synagogue. Philadlephia Pennsylvania
Rapper Beanie Sigel Named After This Street Philadlephia Pennsylvania
Nicki Minaj's Stage Manager Was Killed Here Philadlephia Pennsylvania
Burial Ground Under Franklin Field at Penn Philadlephia Pennsylvania
There was once a commune in this old Pipersville PA mansion. Pipersville Pennsylvania
Andy Warhol's Church in Pittsburgh - St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Jones Salvage was on American Pickers Sandy Lake Pennsylvania
Joe Biden grew up here. Scranton Pennsylvania
Folk Artist Horace Pippin Lived Here West Chester Pennsylvania
Birmingham Meeting House in Spring painting by Horace Pippin West Chester Pennsylvania
Famed H.M.S. Associates design studio was here. Willow Grove Pennsylvania
Sky Pizza - in Parasite award-winning film. Seoul South Korea

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