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Important Area in Croydon, PA, for Black History


Important Area in Croydon, PA, for Black History

A lot happened on 360 acres here. China Retreat was on the property, with a plan for Bristol College, in the early 1800s. White Hall chapel was here. Bristol College trustee Francis Scott Key gave the inaugural oration. White Hall was a a Civil War hospital serving 7, 400, and had a cemetery at 1073 River Road. White Hall was once Bridgewater, Pennsylvania's only orphanage for children of black soldiers killed in the Civil War. Nothing is left. This information is from a good article by Carl LaVO in the Bucks County Courier Times, 11/23/15, at p. A8. There is quite a bit on the Web about this location. China Retreat was once a headquarters for the Ku Klux Klan, according to http://articles.philly.com/1990-08-26/news/25934393_1_white-hall-civil-war-soldiers-pigeon.


Location: White Hall (former location) , 701 Shadyside Avenue , 701-721 Shadyside Ave., Croydon, Pennsylvania, 19021, United States
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