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Tube Bar, akin to Moe's Bar on The Simpsons, was here.


Tube Bar, akin to Moe's Bar on The Simpsons, was here.

The Tube Bar recordings of prank phone calls to Louis Red Deutsch in the mid-70s were to the bar that was here, in a concourse that was replaced by development. It is believed that Matt Groening, The Simpsons' creator, copied the idea for Moe's Bar in his cartoon series. Groening denies this somewhat, saying it was a case of creative syncronicity. I first heard of the recordings in an article in the City Paper (Philadelphia) a long time ago. I have a copy somewhere; I'll try to find it. But there is a lot about it on the Web, including https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tube_Bar_prank_calls.


Location: Journal Square , Journal Square , 12 Tube Concourse (formerly), Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306, United States
Listing Category: Bars and Taverns, Night Clubs, Humor, Pranks, No Longer There, Pop Culture, Television
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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