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Bristol Stomp originate here?


Bristol Stomp originate here?

There are two accounts in several places on the Web as to the origin of the dance in the Dovells' 1961 hit, Bristol Stomp. One is that it started at Van Buren's Danceland on Wood St., and the other is that it began at dances at the Goodwill Hose Co. #3 on Mifflin St. I would think that the same teens went to both places and danced it, although I read that Van Buren's had a wooden floor that you could really stomp on.


Location: Goodwill Hose Company #3 , 190 Mifflin St., Bristol, Pennsylvania, 19007, United States
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Name : markerwriter
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Comments : On Ben Vaughn's radio show on 6/26/21, dedicated to letters sent to d.j. Jerry Blavat, songwriter Johanna Hall was interviewed. Turns out she was one of the kids at the Bristol dances who invented a dance called The Step, done to The Students' "Every Day of the Week." She said the Dovells showed up at one of the dances and asked about it, then morphed it into "The Bristol Stomp." Hear it at http://soundcloud.com/anyoods/lost-dedications-segment-c-1. See http://thekey.xpn.org/2021/06/26/the-lost-dedications/. A slightly different take on how the Dovells came upon the song is at http://www.buckscountycouriertimes.com/story/news/2021/03/29/bristol-stomp-dovells-mural-carl-lavo-bucks-county/6984541002/, where someone brought The Students' song and tales of the Bristol dances at the Goodwill and Edgely fire halls to them.
Date : 2021-06-28

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