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Many Famous Artists, Musicians, Lived and Partied Here


Many Famous Artists, Musicians, Lived and Partied Here

Many famous artists and musicians, including Claes Oldenberg and his wife Patty (now Patty Mucha) and seminal punk rocker Richard Hell have lived in this building. It is believed to have once been a button factory or maybe a piano factory. The original entrance was on the 14th Street side, where there is now a McDonalds. Many parties have been held here, with attendees such as Andy Warhol superstar Ultra Violet and Allen Ginsberg. Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson have been visitors. Oldenberg had his studio here. This information is from the New York Times, 6/16/13, at pp. Metro 1,4.


Location: McDonald's (14th St. Side) , 405 East 13th Street , And 404 East 14th Street , New York, New York, 10009, United States
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