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Pennsylvania's only ski jump was here.


Pennsylvania's only ski jump was here.

Pennsylvania's only ski jump was here in the early seventies, when it was called Timber Hill Ski Area. See, for ex., the Pocono Record, March 2, 1971, at p. 15, https://www.newspapers.com/image/44297863/?terms=timber-hill%2Bcanadensis%2Bski%2Bjump. I remember seeing it and it was massive and awesome, but I never saw it being used. This was a ski jump like that in the intro to the old Wide World of Sports, not a terrain park type ski jump. The resort later became Alpine Mountain, and from what I see on the Web that has closed and the property may be repurposed.


Location: Alpine Mountain Ski Resort , 497 Timber Hill Road , Formerly Timber Hill Ski Area, Henryville, Pennsylvania, 18332, United States
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