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A Beach Boy and Deadfellow had breakfast together here.


A Beach Boy and Deadfellow had breakfast together here.

Hayden Sammak of Deadfellow was on the Dan Reed show today on WXPN, 88.5 FM, Philly. He told a fascinating story. Deadfellow finished mixing for an EP last Saturday morning at the Kawari Sound Recording Studios in Wyncote. They stopped into a favorite haunt, the Village Diner, about 11 AM for breakfast. A fellow heard them talking about music, and asked them if they were musicians and the name of their band. They asked the same of him, and he said he was with a band, the Beach Boys, and he was Bruce Johnston! (See Wikipedia on Mr. Johnston; he's had an interesting musical life.) They talked for a long time, and eventually got to see the Beach Boys soundcheck for that night's show at the nearby (two-doors down) Keswick Theater (with John Stamos on drums for the Beach Boys). It was a surreal experience, because Mr. Sammak had taken inspiration for his latest works from the Beach Boys repertoire. There is a short recount of this on the Deadfellow Facebook page.


Location: Village Diner , 299 N. Keswick Ave., Glenside, Pennsylvania, 19038, United States
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