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Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Maybe not.]


Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Maybe not.]

[See Sorrelli's Jewelry on Roadside Historical Markers for what may be better information. - Ed.] There is the famous story about Bruce Springsteen throwing the demo acetate record of Born to Run into the swimming pool at the Campus Inn in Kutztown, PA. See the entry for Campus Inn on Cyber Plaque. One version of the story has him listening to it on a record player at the Campus Inn. Another story, perhaps more reasonable sounding, has him and his entourage going into town and asking to use the turntable at a record store. A couple of days ago I stopped in the only record store in town, Young Ones, and learned that it has only been around for about 26 years. Employees said there may have been, in 1975, a store, possibly called Trexlertown Records, and it had been in the space now occupied by Mamma's Delight Pizza. I stopped in there, and the affable employees said that the place has been a pizzeria since the mid-eighties, and they did not know what it had been before then. They knew the Springsteen story, though. I asked whether they ever felt a Springsteen vibe in the store, and one of them quipped that every so often Springsteen would come on the jukebox without anyone touching it. ... Could this have been the site? If you have more information, please comment below. [I'm almost certain the famed turntable incident occurred at what is now Sorrelli's jewelry, see https://www.roadsidehistoricalmarkers.com/location/item/11076-springsteen-use-turntable-here-to-play-born-to-run-acetate-quite-possibly/trendy_address=acetate?rid=113. - Editor]


Location: Mamma's Delight Pizza Restaurant , 300 West Main Street, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, 19530, United States
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