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Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Quite possibly.]


Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Quite possibly.]

There is the famous story of Bruce Springsteen listening to the Born to Run demo acetate on a turntable before throwing it into the swimming pool in disgust at the Campus Inn in Kutztown on July 25, 1975. See the entry on this website for Campus Inn, https://www.roadsidehistoricalmarkers.com/location/item/1424-springsteen-threw-born-to-run-acetate-into-motel-pool-here/trendy_address=acetate?rid=113. There has been a belief that he asked to use a turntable at a local record store in Kutztown. Kutztown is small and would not have supported more than one such store, and according to various articles and ads at newspapers.com, tickets for the Keystone Hall shows, including those of Springsteen, could be purchased at Trexler's Records. Someone working in the Young Ones record store in Kutztown had told me that he thought Trexler's was located where Mamma's Delight Pizza is (a few doors down from here, with an entry on this website), but I see in some corporate notices on the Web that it was at 220 West Main Street, for ex., https://pennsylvaniadb.com/company/2517181/trexler-s-records. I think it is a good bet that it was in this building that Mr. Springsteen previewed the rejected edition of the Born to Run album. [Update, 9/18/21- Yesterday, after attending an antique radio show at the Renninger's Kutztown Antique Market, I stopped in a deligtful establishment, Firefly Bookstore, down the street from Sorrelli's. There I found "A Most Agreeable Town: A Photographic History of the Borough of Kutztown, Volume I: West Main Street," http://www.kutztownhistory.org/a-most-agreeable-town-a-photographic-history-of-the-borough-of-kutztown-volume-i-west-main-street.htmlI looked up Trexler Records for the fun of it and found that it indeed was located at 220 West Main Street, after having moved from a booth at Renninger's.  ...  Note that here Mr. Springsteen said it was a "downtown stereo store": https://www.mcall.com/entertainment/lehigh-valley-music/mc-bruce-springsteen-s-new-book-confirms-his-disc-born-to-run-almost-died-in-kutztown-sort-of-20161004-story.html. So it says "stereo store." At https://www.rollingstone.com/feature/bruce-springsteen-born-to-run-album-making-50232/, Springsteen, when asked about the swimming pool incident, said, "And also, the way we listened to the master was, we went downtown to Richmond, Virginia to the local stereo outlet and we asked the guy if we could play something on a stereo in the store. The guy made a big fuss and finally he sent us to the back of the store and we just put it on a record player that on the shelf. Then we stood there in the middle of the store listening to the whole thing, attempting to judge what we thought of it." So there he says he was in Virginia, so memories are clearly foggy. I think Trexler Records, which could have sold stereo equipment as well as records, is the best bet for where Springsteen listended to the acetate (master) of "Born To Run."  --  Editor]


Location: Sorrelli's Jewelry , 220 West Main Street , Former Home of Trexler's Records, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, 19530, United States
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