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Springsteen bought clothing here.


Springsteen bought clothing here.

Bruce Springsteen, when he was in the Bruce Springsteen Band, would shop here. In his autobiography, Born To Run, at p. 146, he writes, We'd all shop at Fisch's clothing store, the premier superfly outlet in the black community. The riots changed all that. They made the two communities more suspicious of each other, burned Fisch's down to the ground and made a trip to Springwood a lot less welcoming, but they also seemed to throw the more musically adventurous into each other's arms.


Location: Fisch's Department Store (former site) , 1025 Springwood Ave., Asbury Park, New Jersey, 07712, United States
Listing Category: African American History, No Longer There, Retail Stores, Malls, Rock and Roll, Rock Stars, Springsteen, Bruce
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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