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Street Curves Because of Kids' Prank


Street Curves Because of Kids' Prank

Writer David Quammen grew up in this neighborhood in the fifties. When the developer was working on the land at approximately this location (or so it seems, based on reading of cited article and included map) in the fifties, a young Mr. Quammen and his friend pulled up survey stakes and moved them, a resentful prank that accomplished nothing except to insert a peculiar bend between one end of Blue Bell Drive and another. They were resentful of losing the Woods they had played in. This information is from an article by Mr. Quammen in Outside magazine, October 2017, at pp. 15-17.


Location: Private Residence , 2043 Blue Bell Drive , Approximate Location, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45224, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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