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James Comey grew up here.


James Comey grew up here.

Former FBI director James Comey grew up here. See recent interviews, Wikipedia, and https://neighbor.report/address/130-Arcadia-Rd-Allendale-NJ-07401-USA/36226780_id/, and https://neighbor.report/address/130-Arcadia-Rd-Allendale-NJ-07401-USA/36226780_id/. How the Comeys and their house became involved in the Ramsey Rapist case is described on the Web, ex., at https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-gunman-the-rapist-the-woodsman-and-young-jim-comey, and how the intruder, whoever he was, led James Comey into law enforcement, is mentioned in his new book.


Location: Comey Residence , 130 Arcadia Road, Allendale, New Jersey, 07401, United States
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