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Jones Salvage was on American Pickers


Jones Salvage was on American Pickers

A rerun of this show ran today. It originally aired on 1/21/15. Moe Jones of Jones Salvage is the star, having a massive collection of all kinds of cool things. The Pickers bought a lot of motorcycle stuff and signs. The Facebook page for Jones Salvage has a lot about the episode.

Mr. Jones said he believed that Buco the helmet and riding jacket company was pronounced buck-oh, whereas Mike Wolfe says Boo-co. I think Mr. Wolfe is correct, because Buco was the trade name for the Joseph Buegeleisen Company, according to http://antiquevintagegallery.com/vintage-transporation/vintage-buco-motorcycle-helmets/. So Boo-co makes sense.


Location: 85 Jones Lane, Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania, 16145, United States
Listing Category: Automotive, Junk / Junque (in a good way), Pop Culture, Television
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Created Date: 10-21-2018

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