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Jewish Daily Forward was here.


Jewish Daily Forward was here.

According to the Website for the anarchist bookstore here now, the location housed the radical Jewish anarchist newspaper, Forward, in the early part of the 20th century when the South Street area was a Russian-Jewish iimmigrant neighborhood. http://www.woodenshoebooks.org/history.html. A Web search found that the paper's full name was Jewish Daily Forward, Forverts in Yiddish. See, for ex., https://avotaynuonline.com/2008/07/jewish-newspaper-research-in-philadelphia-by-harry-d-boonin/. Apparently, the paper was headquartered in New York City and this was the Philly office, which moved to 131 S. Fifth Street in the 1920s. Id. 


Location Name: Wooden Shoe Books
Nearest Intersection: 7th & South Sts.
Location: 704 South Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19147, United States
Listing Category: Government, Politics, History, Journalism, Literature
Virtual / Real: Virtual
Created Date: 05-15-2019

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