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Perfect Foods, maker of Twitzels, was here.


Perfect Foods, maker of Twitzels, was here.

Twitzels was a pretzel manufactured by Perfect Foods, Inc. My 84-yr-old mom remembers them. They are mentioned in this article as the company once made spiced snaps cookies, https://www.inquirer.com/food/sweetzels-spiced-wafers-ivins-cookies-acme-fall-philadelphia-20190925.html. I found the address through Pennsylvania Business Search. There is an empty Twitzels' tin can on eBay. Curiously, there is a pretzel company in Korea called Twitzels.


Location Name: Green & Seidner Parking Lot
Nearest Intersection: 8th St. & No. Broad St.
Location: 15 West 8th Street, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, 19446, United States
Listing Category: Bakeries, Ethnic (& Regional) Foods/Restaurants, Factories, Mills, Food, Human Interest, Industry, No Longer There, Pop Culture
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Created Date: 09-30-2019

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