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Plaza Sound Studios was here. (Blondie; Ramones)


Plaza Sound Studios was here. (Blondie; Ramones)

Blondie recorded their first single and then their first two albums here, in a studio that was above Radio City Music Hall. See The Downtown Pop Underground by Kembrew McLeod at p. 315. The Ramones recorded their self-titled first album here, see https://popturf.com/locations/music/the-ramones/plaza-sound-studios, a part of the cool Popturf Website.


Location Name: International Building
Unit #: 8th Floor
Location: 1260 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, 10020, United States
Listing Category: Entertainment, Pop Culture, Pop Music, Rock and Roll, Rock Stars
Virtual / Real: Virtual
Created Date: 10-26-2019

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