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Bruce Springsteen Motorcycle DUI Arrest Here; Final Episode of Guiding Light


Bruce Springsteen Motorcycle DUI Arrest Here; Final Episode of Guiding Light

Bruce Springsteen was arrested for allegedly riding his motorcycle near the Sandy Hook Lighthouse here while intoxicated on November 14, 2020. There are a number of defenses of Bruce Springsteen online for this incident. This article, https://www.tmz.com/2021/02/11/bruce-springsteen-blood-alcohol-dwi-arrest-below-legal-limit-nj/, has a link to the arrest report, https://dam.tmz.com/document/7a/o/2021/02/11/7ae491f08ba74cdca27c41226c353af5.pdf, which does not quite make sense to me. Let's pray for a proper resolution. [Update - drunken driving charges were dismissed. Mr. Springsteen pled guilty to drinking where it was barred and was fined $540. See, for ex., https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/24/nyregion/bruce-springsteen-dwi.html.]

According to the Wikipedia page for the lighthouse, the final episode of the longest running soap opera, Guiding Light, was filmed here on September 18, 2009.


Location Name: Sandy Hook Lighthouse
Unit #: Sandy Hook Unit
Neighborhood : Gateway National Recreation Area
Location: 85 Mercer Road, Highlands, New Jersey, 07732, United States
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Created Date: 02-15-2021

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