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ACME supermarket on site of Moyamensing Prison


ACME supermarket on site of Moyamensing Prison

This site has a real historical marker in front of it memorializing the prison, but there is more information about it in "This Used To Be Philadelphia," a book by Philadelphia Inquirer contributor Natalie Pompilio. There is an article about the book in the Inquirer, 5/16/21, at p. U3.  According to it, the prison was designed by Thomas Walter, who was the designer of the U.S. Capitol dome, and the prison complex was "where Edgar Allan Poe slept off an alcoholic bender, Al Capone stopped in, and America's first known serial killer, H.H. Holmes, was hanged in 1896."


Location Name: Acme Markets
Location: 1400 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19147, United States
Listing Category: African American History, Crimes & Criminals (real and alleged), Famous People, History, Jails, Prisons, No Longer There, Plaques, Markers (real ones), Retail Stores, Malls
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Created Date: 05-28-2021

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