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Paul Robeson's great-great-grandparents had a bakery here.


Paul Robeson's great-great-grandparents had a bakery here.

This site has a real historical marker in front of it regarding the Bustill family bakery, but there is more information about it in "This Used To Be Philadelphia," a book by Philadelphia Inquirer contributor Natalie Pompilio. There is an article about the book in the Inquirer, 5/16/21, at p. U3.  According to it, Cyrus Bustill and his wife were the great-great-grandparents of African American entertainer and activist Paul Robeson. (I know, that meager description does not do Mr. Robeson justice.) Mr. Bustill was an enslaved black person who purchased his freedom, became involved in the fight of the colonies against Britain, was a member of the Underground Railroad, and much more. (Grossman gives its address as 206 Arch St., rather than 210. Perhaps Grossman took over several properties in creating its establishment.)


Location Name: Grossman Furniture, site of Cyrus Bustill's bakery
Location: 210 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106, United States
Listing Category: African American History, Bakeries, History, Plaques, Markers (real ones), Repurposed Properties, Retail Stores, Malls, Underground Railroad (Slavery/Freedom)
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Created Date: 05-28-2021

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