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Bissett Pottery was here, circa 1878.


Bissett Pottery was here, circa 1878.

The Bissett Pottery was here, according to a map of Old Bridge, East Brunswick Township, NJ, 1878. The map appears with a great article, The Morgan/Van Wickle Pottery, A Case of Mistaken Identity, by Don Carpentier, in the Maine Antique Digest, November 2013, starting at p. 11-B.


Location: Former Site of Bissett Pottery , 36 River Road, Middlesex, New Jersey, 08816, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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Name : plaquemaster
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Comments : There is more on this topic in the Maine Antique Digest, Jan. 2014, at 34-A, in an article titled In Defense of Robert J. Sim, by Leslie and Peter Warwick. The article makes a lot of esoteric points and arguments, but if you are into this pottery, you will want to wade through it.
Date : 2014-01-04

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