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Bissett Pottery was here, circa 1878.


Bissett Pottery was here, circa 1878.

The Bissett Pottery was here, according to a map of Old Bridge, East Brunswick Township, NJ, 1878. The map appears with a great article, The Morgan/Van Wickle Pottery, A Case of Mistaken Identity, by Don Carpentier, in the Maine Antique Digest, November 2013, starting at p. 11-B.


Location: Former Site of Bissett Pottery , 36 River Road, Middlesex, New Jersey, 08816, United States
Listing Category: African American History, Crafts, Artisans, Factories, Mills, Folk Art, Outsider Art, Folklore, History, No Longer There, Underground Railroad (Slavery/Freedom)
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : There is more on this topic in the Maine Antique Digest, Jan. 2014, at 34-A, in an article titled In Defense of Robert J. Sim, by Leslie and Peter Warwick. The article makes a lot of esoteric points and arguments, but if you are into this pottery, you will want to wade through it.
Date : 2014-01-04

Name : Frank Chmielewski
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : Judge Van Wickle, who was involved with this pottery, was a slave trader. See http://www.roadsidehistoricalmarkers.com/location/item/11327-enslaved-people-were-sold-here-in-1818-by-judge-van-wickle/trendy_address=wickle?rid=113.
Date : 2020-02-18

Name : markerwriter
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : For info on this location and its connection to slavery, see the Maine Antique Digest, May 2020, p. 40, "Money, the Root of All Evil," by Leslie and Peter Warwick.
Date : 2020-07-04

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