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Amelia Earhart broke record in Horsham, PA


Amelia Earhart broke record in Horsham, PA

Harold F. Pitcairn developed his autogiros here. It was his second field, and later it became the Willow Grove Naval Air Station (which may soon become a development). The great Wings of Freedom (free) museum is on the edge of this site. ... On 12/18/1930, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo in an autogiro. On 4/8/31, she set an altitude record for autogiros of 18,415 feet, flying the PCA-2. I got this information from a display at the Wings of Freedom museum, but there is also information on it on the Web. By the way, the museum is a great place to take kids.


Location: Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum , 1155 Easton Road , Pitcairn Field #2 (1926-42), later, Willow Grove Naval Air Station, Horsham, Pennsylvania, 19044, United States
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Comments : It was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/13/14, at p. B1, that this museum is planning a huge, expensive expansion campaign.
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