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Fear that Rat Pack would invade NY apartment.


Fear that Rat Pack would invade NY apartment.

Peter Lawford and wife Pat, sister of the late President Kennedy, were blackballed from a New York City apartment (not 990) because they were Democrats. Three months later they were accepted at 990 on a 5 to 1 vote. The 1 said he was afraid that the rat pack, those who surround Frank Sinatra, would not be far behind. But it is believed that the 1, Russell B. Aitken, really wanted the place for his stepdaughter, Princess Alfred Auersperg of Munich. The building was built in 1927 on the site of the F.W. Woolworth mansion. This information is from the Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/8/64, at page 1, in a reprint paid for by the F.C. Kerbeck auto dealership celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, in the Inquirer today on page B6.


Location: Apartment where Peter Lawford was almost blackballed. , 990 Fifth Avenue , 990 Fifth Avenue Building, New York, New York, 10075, United States
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