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Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 2 of 2


Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 2 of 2

It is believed that the Greasy Lake referred to in the Bruce Springsteen song, Spirits in the Night, is either Lake Topanemus in Freehold or Lake Carasaljo in Lakewood, or a composite of the two. Topanemus was called Greasy Lake because there was a thick slick of suntan lotion on it. See various sites on the Web, and the wonderful Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin, at pp. 98-99 (describes a night in Mr. Springsteen's life similar to the song lyrics).


Location: Lake Carasaljo , Lake Carasaljo, Lakewood Township, New Jersey, 08701, United States
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