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American Redoubt Marker in shadows of Geo. Washington Bridge


American Redoubt Marker in shadows of Geo. Washington Bridge

This park is on the site of Fort Washington, where on Nov. 16, 1776, ~3,000 Continental troops were captured by the British. There is a very hard to find monument in an overgrown area, erected in 1910, before the GW Bridge opened in 1931, that says on it, American Redout 1776, using an older spelling of redoubt. This information is from the New York Times, 10/5/14, at p. Metro 5, and is also at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/05/nyregion/what-is-the-stone-marker-near-the-george-washington-bridge.html.


Location: American Redout (sic) Marker (highest point in Manhattan) , Fort Washington Ave. and West 183rd St. , Bennett Park in Washington Heights, New York, New York, 10033, United States
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