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Dylan, Doors, at Philadelphia's Town Hall; Ray Charles Arrested Here


Dylan, Doors, at Philadelphia's Town Hall; Ray Charles Arrested Here

A multi-level theater and ballroom where acts included Bob Dylan, the Doors and Todd Rundgren and the Nazz, who made their debut opening for the Doors in 1967. On Nov. 17, 1955, Ray Charles and eight of his band members were arrested here on drug charges. Now the home to a parking garage. The quote is from http://articles.philly.com/1992-09-18/news/26021555_1_sam-cooke-movie-house-streets. Added 12-2-18: See Dan DeLuca's article in the Dec. 2, 2018, Phila. Inquirer, p. H4, where it says the Oct. 25, 1963 show (date from setlistfm site) is often wrongly declared Dylan's first show in Philly, but it was the Ethical Society show, or possibly an even earlier show at the Second Fret.


Location: Parkway Building , 150 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19102, United States
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