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The Police, Ramones, in Browns Mills, NJ - Alexander's


The Police, Ramones, in Browns Mills, NJ - Alexander's

Alexander's was a go-go bar near Fort Dix that started to hold concerts in the late seventies. Performers included Johnny Winter, and Lowell George three days before he died. I saw some great Johnny's Dance Band shows there. I had two other favorite shows: Police/Cramps/Fashion and Ramones/Romantics/Sylvain Sylvain. [It was tough finding the address for Just Alexander's Sunset Inn, Inc., dba Alexander's Sunset Inn, aka Alexander's Sunset View Inn and simply Alexander's, Browns Mills, NJ. Directions can be found in the Trainman Auction ad mentioned in the Comments section, below, 11/16/17. But the actual location, along with a photo and a brief history of Alexander's can be found on p. 78 at https://books.google.com/books?id=pBHPBgAAQBAJ&pg=PA72&lpg=PA72&dq=%22browns+mills+bakery%22&source=bl&ots=QGmgQhpPXo&sig=ACfU3U0AYFvpfUpRas_3OEXOXWBdZIoH8A&hl=en&ppis=_e&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwje9vjJ-4nnAhXxmeAKHYCWD6gQ6AEwA3oECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=%22browns%20mills%20bakery%22&f=false. Therein, it says that the property was shared with the Browns Mills Bakery.  I was thrown off at first, b/c I found that the owner, Alexander Lupinetti, applied for a well permit at 159 S. Pemberton Rd., according to the Phila. Inquirer, 8/10/86 at p. 243. And if I remember correctly, some of the bookings at Alexander's were done by Steve Mountain, the well-known music and sports agent behind Cornerstone Management--  Editor, 1/17/20]


Location Name: Beneficial Bank (Bank of Princeton?)
Neighborhood : Browns Mills / Pemberton Township
Location: 101 Pemberton Browns Mills Rd, Browns Mills, New Jersey, 08015, United States
Listing Category: Bars and Taverns, Night Clubs, Concerts, Music Festivals, Pop Music, Rock and Roll, Rock Stars
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : //www.songkick.com/venues/66510-alexanders.
Date : 2014-03-20

Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : The Ramones played here, with The Werewolves opening, on 3/24/79. I covered the show as a reporter for the Drexel (University) Triangle, 3/30/79 edition. The Ramones played here again with the Romantics opening on on 6/23/ 79 (Triangle 6/29/79). My article does not mention it, but I have a memory of Sylvain Sylvain starting off the night, and a Web search supports my memory. I think a lot of people were just arriving during his set.
Date : 2014-08-19

Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : I see from his obituary on the Web that Alexander was Alexander Butch Lupinetti (1941-2010).
Date : 2014-08-21

Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : HJ0AAOSwKfVXFaVG.
Date : 2016-06-30

Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : //www.newspapers.com/image/181593255/?terms=%22just+alexander%27s+sunset%22, the owner of this establishment was Just Alexanders Sunset, Inc. I still have not found a definitive address. There may not have been dedicated addresses until more recently in this area.
Date : 2017-11-16

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