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The Place to Take the Kids Fishing - Moyers Lake


The Place to Take the Kids Fishing - Moyers Lake

This place is a real throwback, an affordable place to have a lot of family fun. It is not fancy (!!). But it has a ten-acre fishing lake, and a 3/4 acre trout pond. You can rent a boat for $5 for 3 hours. Last summer I went with my young son on a weekday and paid my $5. The nice lady in the bait shop said I could stay out as long as I wanted because they were not busy that day.


Location: Moyers Lake and Campground , 5462 Blue Church Road, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, 18036, United States
Listing Category: Best Place For/To ..., Childrens' Interests, Fishing, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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