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Sales Site for O-dome Homes


Sales Site for O-dome Homes

The large house on this old property now contains law firms. In the early seventies when I was a kid, it was vacant. At that time, the front lawn had a sample home for a company I think was called O-dome Homes. It was a plastic or fiberglass, blue, domed building, along the lines of a geodesic dome, but rounder and molded. It was touted for use as a vacation home or it could be used, for ex., as an office for a used car dealer. On weekends the sales people were there showing it to would-be customers. I don't know whether they ever sold any. It was considered weird by the neighbors. The company went out of business and the O-dome sat there empty for many years, the blue plastic fading in the sun. I used to cut the lawn for the owner of the property. At that time, the opening for the air conditioner had been kicked in and kids would go inside at night to drink. The O-dome was removed, and I used to cut the grass around its cement foundation. The lawn was slowly creeping over the foundation, and I wonder whether the foundation was broken up and removed, or if it still exists under the grass. In any event, it was a bit of a space age site on Bristol Pike for a few years.


Location: Law Offices at 1928 Bristol Pike, Bensalem , 1928 Bristol Pike , - Front Lawn, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, 19020, United States
Listing Category: Architecture, Buildings, No Longer There, Nostalgia, Oddities
Created Date: 06-24-2018

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