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Co-manager of the Ramones lived here.


Co-manager of the Ramones lived here.

Linda S. Stein was a co-manager of the Ramones, and she also managed Steve Forbert. She became a real estate broker and her clients included Madonna, Sting, Michael Douglas and Billy Joel. She was murdered in her living room by her personal assistant in 2007. The couple who owned Apt. 19A bought it, and they sold both last week for $17.9 million, according to the New York Times, 10/28/12, at p. RE MB 2. It is reported in the Times' article, and elsewhere, that Ms. Stein was the inspiration for the real estate agent in the 1987 film, Wall Street.


Location: 965 Fifth Avenue , 965 Fifth Avenue , - Apartment 18C, New York, New York, 10075, United States
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