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Folk Artist Jack Savitsky Died Here


Folk Artist Jack Savitsky Died Here

Magnificent folk artist Jack Savitsky (1910-1991) died in this hospital, dedicated to the health of miners, under its former name, Coaldale State Hospital. See http://coaldalehighalumni.homestead.com/files/savitsky.html. In the Pictured In My Mind catalog, Birmingham Museum of Art, at p. 168, it says he died in Lansdale, PA. I think that is an error, perhaps combining where he lived for a long time, Lansford, PA, with Coaldale, PA. I live near Lansdale and I do not believe Mr. Savitsky spent time in Lansdale.


Location: St. Luke's Hospital - Miners Campus , 360 West Ruddle St. , Formerly Coaldale State Hospital, Coaldale, Pennsylvania, 18218, United States
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