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World's Best Shoofly Cake


World's Best Shoofly Cake

In today's Parade Magazine, in the What America Eats feature called Rise and Dine! by Jane and Michael Stern, legendary breakfast spots were identified by their signature dishes. Recipes were also provided. For The Dutch Kitchen, the article said At the Dutch Kitchen, a family-owned diner in the heart of coal country, you'll always find squares of shoofly cake set out on the countertop. Baked with the same ingredients as Pennsylvania's famous shoofly pie, the cake version lacks the messy, gooey filling, which makes it a perfect morning snack for folks on the go. The Sterns have the wonderful Website, www.roadfood.com.


Location: The Dutch Kitchen , 433 South Lehigh Avenue, Frackville, Pennsylvania, 17391, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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