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Motel Room Where Lafayette Theater Shooter Stayed


Motel Room Where Lafayette Theater Shooter Stayed

John Russell Houser went on a shooting rampage in a movie theater, killing two and injuring many, on 7/23/15, in Lafayette, LA. He had been staying in this motel. This Web page says he was in Room 218, http://news.yahoo.com/lafayette-theater-gunman-spent-final-days-drinking-beer-at-a-motel-pool-224651877.html. I thought I heard a different room number on the TV news, but I can't find where I wrote it down. In any event, this is the motel where Houser was residing. Looking at reviews on the Web, the motel was a decent place.


Location: Motel 6 - Lafayette, LA , 1605 North University Avenue , Room 218, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70306, United States
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