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Elks Center : Rich in African American, Jazz, Punk Rock History


Elks Center : Rich in African American, Jazz, Punk Rock History

The O.V. Catto Elks Lodge, No.20, was here. See http://articles.philly.com/1994-03-21/news/25848419_1_elks-lodge-places-high-heels. It was replaced, too bad, because it was rich in African American history, having been a cultural center, and a jazz club, with the Two Bit after-hours club upstairs. It had been rented for a concert by the British band Bauhaus around the early 80s, and I remember being there for the show; teens were outside throwing rocks through the windows into the concert hall. I saw the Husker Du/Soul Asylum/Flag of Democracy show there on 2/7/86, and I see on the Web that Black Flag played there on 6/4/82. The rock aspect gets a mention in the interview with Philly rock luminary Bobby Startup at 1:54:00 at http://loudfastphilly.com/interviews/bobby-startup. It apparently had life as a Better Youth Organization punk rock concert hall before its demise. There is a lot on the Web, though, of its importance to the African American community. Too bad it no longer exists.


Location: Scottish Rite Tower , 1530 Fitzwater St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19146, United States
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