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Subject City State
Bobby Fuller lived, and died, here. Hollywood California
Security guard and skateboarder clash was here. San Francisco California
Motel Room Where Lafayette Theater Shooter Stayed Lafayette Louisiana
Historic Wadsworth St. Bridge's plaque stolen. Thomaston Maine
2nd Stop of police van in Freddie Gray death case. Baltimore Maryland
Boston Marathon Suspect #2 Caught Here Watertown Massachusetts
Damon Grimes, 15, died in police chase here. Detroit Michigan
Site of fatal shooting of Tupac Shakur. Las Vegas Nevada
James Comey grew up here. Allendale New Jersey
Kitty Johnson allegedly had a brothel here, 1800s. Burlington New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen Motorcycle DUI Arrest Here; Final Episode of Guiding Light Highlands New Jersey
Pub that started Martin Luther King Jr.'s Civil Rights Crusade Maple Shade New Jersey
South Jersey Church An Underground Railroad Stop Swedesboro New Jersey
Trenton Teen Radazz Hearns Shot by Police Here Trenton New Jersey
Gangster Oscar the Poet lived here. Brooklyn New York
Charley Ross's kidnappers were killed here. Brooklyn New York
Mob Leveled a Gay Cruising Spot Here Flushing New York
Members of Angry Homophobic Mob Lived Here Flushing New York
The Town House in Breakfast at Tiffany's New York New York
Taylor Swift's Townhouse. Strauss-Kahn under house arrest here. New York New York
Jeffrey Dahmer's House; Waitresses Musician Lives Here Akron Ohio
The Murder of Dr. Chapman Bensalem Pennsylvania
Revolutionary War-era British Officer Lived in this Bensalem House Bensalem Pennsylvania
Officer James K. Armstrong was killed in the line of duty here. Bensalem Pennsylvania
KKK Activity Here in Early Seventies (Richlieu Gardens) Bensalem Pennsylvania
Fugitive Eric Frein Captured Here East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
System of a Down had gear stolen here. Essington Pennsylvania
Patrick Bolton, in Dick Allen Controversy, Lived Here Hatboro Pennsylvania
Cross-burning on front lawn of Lansdale, PA, home, c. 1923. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Church shooter lived here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Woman Shot To Death In Her Car Here - Ebony Sequita Pack Lansdale Pennsylvania
Frank Black had band gear stolen here. Lester Pennsylvania
Historic Mansion Once Home to a Motorcycle Gang Malvern Pennsylvania
FBI Office Where Anti-war Activists Broke In, On Night of Fight of the Century Media Pennsylvania
Bad injury when teens threw rocks from overpass. New Columbia Pennsylvania
Liseter Welsh Ponies Were Bred Here (and murderer had lived here) Newtown Square Pennsylvania
The Straw Hat Bandit robbed this bank. North Wales Pennsylvania
Was Jimmy Hoffa hit ordered here? Old Forge Pennsylvania
Unicorn Killer Ira Einhorn's Apartment Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Corn Exchange National Bank Building Philadelphia Pennsylvania
David Bowie Stayed Here; Abscam Sting Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Officer Dolan murdered here - 1933 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Officer slain in 1933 had lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Octavius V. Catto was assassinated here, 1871. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Patient died waiting in ER here, then had watch snatched. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Execution by Birdman here on June 19, 1964 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pastor of Philly Church Was Nazi Saboteur Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Ring Around the Rosie Rag is about an arrest of Arlo Guthrie in this park. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
This charcuterie, famous for its ham sammy, was once an auto chop shop. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Site of LeSean McCoy Bar Brawl Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mobster Angelo Bruno lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mobster Anthony Pollina lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mobster Angelo Bruno ate his last meal here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Site of 1887 Murder - Hannah Mary Tabbs Story Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Nathan Ackison was murdered here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Strung Out (band) had gear stolen here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Satellite District, Luce, had band gear stolen here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mae, Kill Hannah, Lyle Riabko, and Easily Amused had band gear stolen here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Two Gallants had band gear stolen here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The notorious Ed "Uncle Eddie" Savitz lived in this building. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mobster Scarfo worked here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Tennis Great Bill Tilden's Home Court Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Baseball Slugger Dick Allen in Bar Fight Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Boy in the Box Discovery Site Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Discoverer of Boy in the Box had lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The blue cap from the Boy in the Box crime mystery was made here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bernstein & Kaufman (and Dog Woman) was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Disappearances from Abilene's Blues Bar Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Love-Nest Shooting was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bill Cosby played drums with jazz band here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Marty Graham's House of Horror Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Lex Street Massacre was here in 2000. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Tacony Dungeon Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philadelphia City Hall 6th Floor Courtrooms Saw Many Infamous Trials Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Aqua Lounge (jazz) was here; most dangerous corner 2007. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
School Teacher Ellen Greenberg Died Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
ACME supermarket on site of Moyamensing Prison Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bessie Smith appeared at Wander Inn here. Philadlephia Pennsylvania
Nicki Minaj's Stage Manager Was Killed Here Philadlephia Pennsylvania
Burglars of FBI Office in the Burglary Book Fled to This Site Pottstown Pennsylvania
No duty to dislose murder-suicide: PA Real Estate Law Thornton Pennsylvania
Chun Michael Deng died from fraternity hazing here. Tunkhannock Township Pennsylvania
The box of the Boy in the Box came from here. Upper Darby Pennsylvania
Jimmy Superfly Snuka's Girlfriend Died on This Site Whitehall Pennsylvania
Alleged murderer arrested here. Willow Grove Pennsylvania
Blinding of Isaac Woodard Site and Marker Batesburg-Leesville South Carolina
Rev. James Brzyski, infamous priest, died here. Fort Worth Texas
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Graffiti on Wall Here, July 23, 1985 Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Trespassing Here Friday Harbor Washington

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