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Singer Margaret Whiting grew up here. Los Angeles California
Singer Margaret Whiting had grown up here. Los Angeles California
Dennis Hopper lived here in the Hollywood Hills Los Angeles California
Bruce Vilanch & Stephen Tobolowsky ate here. Orange California
The Mary Tyler Moore House Minneapolis Minnesota
Frankie Valli grew up in this housing project. Allendale New Jersey
Latin Casino was here (2nd generation). Also, Emerald City. Cherry Hill New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen Motorcycle DUI Arrest Here; Final Episode of Guiding Light Highlands New Jersey
Batman was conceived here, in the Bronx. Bronx New York
Birthplace of Hip Hop Bronx New York
Mark Anthony & Jennifer Lopez lived here. Brookville New York
"Ribbon Cutting by Marlene Dietrich" New York New York
Law and Order had filmed here. New York New York
Pop Star Madonna Had Lived Here New York New York
Saturday Night Live had after-party here. New York New York
There was a Saturday Night Live cast after-party here. New York New York
D.J. Whoo Kid eats dinner here every Sunday. New York New York
Bing Crosby, John DeLorean, lived here. New York New York
Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch Apartment New York New York
Amy Poehler lives here. New York New York
Chagall, Michael Jackson, lived here. New York New York
Madonna was coat-check clerk here (Russian Tea Room). New York New York
Plaza Sound Studios was here. (Blondie; Ramones) New York New York
Howard Stern Grew Up Here Roosevelt New York
High School of Florence LaRue of the 5th Dimension Abington Pennsylvania
Studio 4 (of Ruffhouse Records fame) is/was here. Conshohocken Pennsylvania
Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' was written about this property. Doylestown Pennsylvania
Bill Cosby has home here. Elkins Park Pennsylvania
Sound of Music Family Lived Here, 1939 to 1943 Lower Merion Pennsylvania
Night Club Owner Frank Palumbo Had Lived Here Merion Station Pennsylvania
Terrence Howard Eats Here (Fairmount Park) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
W.C. Fields lived here in the 1880s. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
W.C. Fields lived here circa 1882. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Father of W.C. Fields worked here when it was a bar. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Do No Harm T.V. show shot here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Building appears in Do No Harm television show. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Landmark Pizza Place Mentioned on Do No Harm TV Show Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Alana de la Garza likes to eat here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Troc - Olde Time Burlesque House - Now Rock Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rocky II (movie) home for sale. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Actress Melissa Fitzgerald grew up here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Screenwriter Michael Goldberg Grew Up Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Original Latin Casino was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Frank Sinatra got married in this home. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Open Door Cafe was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Shangri-La nightclub was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
State Theater was here - West Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bobby Darren, Lou Cioci lived here. Bobby Rydell, next door. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
W.C. Fields lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Duke Ellington and Cootie Williams Photographed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Entertainment Greats Appeared at Rendezvous Room When It Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cameo-Parkway Records started in basement here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cheech & Chong/Muddy Waters concert at swim club here. (And Ike & Tina, others.) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bill Cosby played drums with jazz band here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Nina Simone was rejected by Curtis Institute of Music; received honorary degree. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Taps, with George C. Scott and Sean Penn, was filmed here. Wayne Pennsylvania
Old Covered Wagon Inn (Basie; Ellington; Nixon) to be replaced by a CVS? Wayne Pennsylvania
Childhood Home of Taylor Swift Wyomissing Pennsylvania
Sky Pizza - in Parasite award-winning film. Seoul South Korea

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