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Talkeetna Roadhouse (AK) - on Man vs. Food Talkeetna Alaska
Linda Ronstadt's dad ran a hardware store here. Tucson Arizona
Where B.B. King named Lucille, his guitar. Twist Arkansas
Best Record Store in California Laguna Beach California
Dennis Hopper lived here in the Hollywood Hills Los Angeles California
Pee-wee Herman's favorite Walgreens. Los Angeles California
Unfinished Sympathy video by Massive Attack starts here. Los Angeles California
Most Famous Tower Records Was Here West Hollywood California
City in Pete Seeger's Little Boxes Westlake California
Boyhood Home of R. Crumb Ames Iowa
Country Greats Played Here - New River Ranch Rising Sun Maryland
The Mary Tyler Moore House Minneapolis Minnesota
A Pinball Palace in Asbury Park Asbury Park New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen met Janis Joplin here, escaped her grip. Asbury Park New Jersey
Michael Landon Bronze Plaque Removed Collingswood New Jersey
Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 1 of 2 Freehold Township New Jersey
Bill Haley had house band here, Pre-Comets Gloucester City New Jersey
Tube Bar, akin to Moe's Bar on The Simpsons, was here. Jersey City New Jersey
Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 2 of 2 Lakewood Township New Jersey
Henry Rollins liked this diner, near Trenton, NJ. Lawrence Township New Jersey
First Drive-In Movie Theater Pennsauken Township New Jersey
Springsteen song about this Whole Foods store? Red Bank New Jersey
Drive-in Movie Invented and Tested Here Riverton New Jersey
American Pickers taped here, in Amsterdam, NY Amsterdam New York
Batman was conceived here, in the Bronx. Bronx New York
Mark Anthony & Jennifer Lopez lived here. Brookville New York
The Ramones Loved the Pizza Here - Totonno's (Also, Bush 41 & 43, the Shangri-Las) Coney Island New York
Heliport was here during New York World's Fair, Beatles landed here, Madonna worked here. Flushing New York
Angela Mao, the female Bruce Lee, owns this restaurant. Flushing New York
Bob Dylan wrote Blowin' in the Wind here (it is believed). New York New York
Where Dondi's Artist Eats Dinner New York New York
Site of Andy Warhol's Original The Factory New York New York
Monk's Cafe from Seinfeld New York New York
The Velvet Underground Lived Here New York New York
Bob Dylan Lived Here New York New York
Dylan lived here. New York New York
Lou Reed Waited for the Man Here New York New York
Andy Warhol's Union Square Factory New York New York
Law and Order had filmed here. New York New York
John Lennon wrote Imagine here. New York New York
J.D. Salinger had lived here. New York New York
Buildings Used for Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Cover (and Stones' Waiting on a Friend Video) New York New York
Famed collector Alex Shear died here. New York New York
Saturday Night Live had after-party here. New York New York
There was a Saturday Night Live cast after-party here. New York New York
Where Punk Rock's Godfathers Encountered Punks New York New York
Paul McCartney has a home here. New York New York
Gerde's Folk City - Dylan's Professional Debut New York New York
Home of TV Character Ross Geller of Friends Was Here New York New York
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Lived Here New York New York
David Bowie was photographed here. New York New York
David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
The late David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
David Bowie would shop here. New York New York
David Bowie liked to eat here. New York New York
Ramones Debut Album Recorded Here New York New York
Cover of Ramones LP Shot Here New York New York
Bowlmor Lanes was here for decades. New York New York
Shirley W. Liebowitz lived here. New York New York
Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch Apartment New York New York
When Harry Met Sally Christmas tree shop is here. New York New York
Jimmy Roselli bought frying pans here. New York New York
Theater appears in The Deuce first season, last episode. New York New York
Diane Arbus' family owned department store here. New York New York
Method Man and U-God worked at Statue of Liberty New York New York
Early Hip-Hop Downstairs Here, 1981(Club Negril) New York New York
Beat Street, hip-hop/graffiti movie, was filmed here. New York New York
Chagall, Michael Jackson, lived here. New York New York
Velvet Underground, Studio 54 & Capt. Kangaroo, Same Building? New York New York
Lisa Jane Persky, Harry Koutoukas and Yoko Ono lived here. New York New York
Bibbe Hansen grew up here. New York New York
Peace Eye Bookstore was here. (Ed Sanders; Fugs; Andy Warhol) New York New York
Greatest Photo in Jazz Shot Here, Open Door Club New York New York
Apartment building curves to accommodate Pepsi sign Queens New York
Bob Dylan Lived and Wrote Here (Cafe Espresso) Woodstock New York
John Lennon was photographed here - Untermyer Park Yonkers New York
Monkee Davy Jones' Home and Horse Farm Beavertown Pennsylvania
Nancy Spungen's Grave; Sid Vicious's Too? Bensalem Pennsylvania
Wienermobile was repaired by this shop. Bensalem Pennsylvania
Blues Legend Muddy Waters Played Here Bensalem Pennsylvania
PFF (Peter F*g Frampton) Stencil Art (Graffiti) Was Here Blue Bell Pennsylvania
Bristol Stomp originate here? Bristol Pennsylvania
J.D. Salinger lived in this college dorm room. Collegeville Pennsylvania
Pinball Arcade in Downingtown, PA Downingtown Pennsylvania
Pinball Arcade in a Limerick, PA, Tavern Limerick Pennsylvania
Sound of Music Family Lived Here, 1939 to 1943 Lower Merion Pennsylvania
Did the Beatles sleep on the floor here in 1964? Narberth Pennsylvania
Andy Warhol's New Hope, PA, Home New Hope Pennsylvania
Best Place for Vintage Keyboard Repair North Wales Pennsylvania
Home has a Doctor Who TARDIS replica in backyard. North Wales Pennsylvania
Second Drive-in Theater and Still Open -- Shankweiler's Orefield Pennsylvania
Michael Jackson Performed Here (and many others!) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Baked Cookies for Deion Sanders in Super Bowl Ad Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rocky Balboa's Run on 9th Street, Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philly Home of Dick Clark's American Bandstand Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Ward's Folly - 1960's Clothing Store Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Christmas lights from Silver Linings Playbook movie (& first rowhouses in America). Philadelphia Pennsylvania
John Waters Had Pink Flamingos Premier Party Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bye Bye Miss American Pie first performed here (?). Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Carpet Cult from Seinfeld was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rocky II (movie) home for sale. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., in this Philly basement. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
DJ Jazzy Jeff eats here; birthplace of the chicken cheesesteak. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bob Dylan's First Philadelphia Appearance Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First solo museum show of Andy Warhol artwork was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Second Fret Coffeehouse was here - Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elvis played (and was egged) here. Hendrix played here, too. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The original Electric Factory was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
You can't get to heaven, on the Frankford El ... Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Harrison Ford filmed in front of this building; Second Story disco was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Boot & Saddle bar - story behind giant boot sign. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Chubby Checker grew up here - So. Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Woolworth's was here, great place to buy records. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Was First Urban Outfitters Here? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First Urban Outfitters Store, Arguably Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Club Zoe was here, Winter 1981 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First Pep Boys Store was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Real World Philadelphia Site in 2004 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bobby Darren, Lou Cioci lived here. Bobby Rydell, next door. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Fresh Prince album cover shot here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Did the hoagie originate here? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
South Street appears in Orlons' and Dovells' songs. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Guild House (postmodern masterpiece) - look for the fake antenna. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Warhol, EPI, Velvets appeared here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Andy Warhol's Superstars Filmed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pet store in Rocky was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Gansta Rap originated here (via Schoolly D) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Roots' Members Used to Perform on Street Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cheech & Chong/Muddy Waters concert at swim club here. (And Ike & Tina, others.) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
WIBG aka WIBBAGE broadcasted from here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Playground, from show intro, with Will Smith Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bob Dylan played dodgeball here, Burholme Park, circa 1963. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
There was once a commune in this old Pipersville PA mansion. Pipersville Pennsylvania
Sines, a real 5 & 10, in Quakertown, PA Quakertown Pennsylvania
Jones Salvage was on American Pickers Sandy Lake Pennsylvania
Crawdaddy Magazine was born here. Swarthmore Pennsylvania
Mashed Potato dance originated here. Upper Darby Pennsylvania
The Big Store, early sports apparel purveyor, was here. Upper Darby Pennsylvania
Harry Styles ate at this pizza joint at Villanova University. Villanova Pennsylvania
Country Greats Played This Picnic Grove - Sunset Park West Grove Pennsylvania
Philly's LOVE statue to be refurbished here. Rumford Rhode Island
The Prescription House was here - Elvis Presley's Pharmacy Memphis Tennessee
Janis Joplin and Kree Harrison Born Here Port Arthur Texas
Kurt Cobain grew up in this house. Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Graffiti on Wall Here, July 23, 1985 Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain Practiced Here, Mid-1980s Aberdeen Washington
Park Memorializes Kurt Cobain Near His Childhood Home Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain's Elementary School Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain Got His First Guitar Here Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain Spent a Lot of Time at this House Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain's High School, Employer Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here in 1985. Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here in fall 1985. Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Trespassing Here Aberdeen Washington
Krist Novoselic of Nirvana Lived Here Aberdeen Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here in 1986. Aberdeen Washington
Coolest Modern Motor Inn - at Friday Harbor, WA Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain was born in this hospital. Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain worked at this restaurant. Grayland Washington
Kurt Cobain's Father Worked at Chevron Station that Existed on this Park Site Hoaquim Washington
Kurt Cobain's First Home Hoquiam Washington
Kurt Cobain's Second Elementary School Montesano Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here with his father. Montesano Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here with his grandfather. Montesano Washington
Kurt Cobain was a maintenance man here. Ocean Shores Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here in Olympia. Olympia Washington
Kurt Cobain hung out in this tavern. Olympia Washington
Motel where Kurt Cobain would go to escape. Seattle Washington
Kurt Cobain's body was found here, in his home. Seattle Washington
Kurt Cobain of Nirvana had lived here. Seattle Washington
The late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana had lived here. Seattle Washington
The late Kurt Cobain lived here with his wife, Courtney Love Seattle Washington

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