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Subject City State
The Hotel of Stephen King's The Shining Estes Park Colorado
White Cemetery, Barrington, Ill., Very Haunted? Barrington Illinois
Bar and Toy Train Store All in One - Zientek's, Chicago Chicago Illinois
Bruce Springsteen met Janis Joplin here, escaped her grip. Asbury Park New Jersey
Jersey Devil Sighting - Ferry Road, Camden Camden New Jersey
Round Valley Reservoir - the New Jersey Triangle ? Lebanon New Jersey
Mysterious Woodbridge Figures Originated Here Woodbridge New Jersey
The Carlyle Hotel - Known for Discretion New York New York
500-square-inch property in New York City New York New York
Washington Square Park is on a burial ground; haunted? David Bowie walk. New York New York
House of Death - Mark Twain House New York New York
Jeffrey Dahmer's House; Waitresses Musician Lives Here Akron Ohio
God Lies - God Lives: written on walls in Lower Bucks County, PA Bensalem Pennsylvania
They Still Have Live-Pigeon Shoots Here Bensalem Pennsylvania
UFO Landing in Kecksburg, PA (Pennsylvania's Roswell) Kecksburg Pennsylvania
Historic Mansion Once Home to a Motorcycle Gang Malvern Pennsylvania
Home has a Doctor Who TARDIS replica in backyard. North Wales Pennsylvania
Trough under the bar, U.S. Hotel Bar & Grill, Manayunk Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Spirit of Enterprise - Most Unusal Public Sculpture in Philly? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Billy Penn's Hat Again Highest Point in Philly? - Yes! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Carpet Cult from Seinfeld was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Chink's Steaks changes name to Joe's Steaks & Soda Shop. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Betty Boop House, Northwest Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Tombstone Beach - in Bridesburg section of Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Baseballs dropped from top of Philly City Hall in Phillies' Promo, 5/10/39. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Frankenfish in this Philly Pond Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Society Hill house rented out for $1 a month? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The notorious Ed "Uncle Eddie" Savitz lived in this building. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bernstein & Kaufman (and Dog Woman) was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Strange Place for Trump Campaign News Conference - Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Alligator in the back of a novelty store - QMart Quakertown Pennsylvania
Rosicrucian, Order of the Rose, HQ Here in Quakertown, PA Quakertown Pennsylvania
Roadside Convenience Store in a Cave Hanksville Utah
Weston State Hospital is supposedly haunted. Weston West Virginia

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