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Subject City State
Church: Linda Ronstadt, Paul Simon Tucson Arizona
Where B.B. King named Lucille, his guitar. Twist Arkansas
Bobby Fuller lived, and died, here. Hollywood California
Where Janis Joplin Died Los Angeles California
Singer Margaret Whiting grew up here. Los Angeles California
Singer Margaret Whiting had grown up here. Los Angeles California
Unfinished Sympathy video by Massive Attack starts here. Los Angeles California
Graham Nash had breakfast here just before writing Our House. Studio City California
Sharona from My Sharona pop hit owns this real estate agency. West Hollywood California
Stones' Satisfaction Riff, Lyrics, Created Here Clearwater Florida
Hospital where Maurice Gibbs passed away (Bee Gees) Miami Beach Florida
Kembrew McLeod wrote much of The Downtown Pop Underground here. Iowa City Iowa
David Bowie worked as a paralegal here. London London
David Bowie worked here at 16. London London
Country Greats Played Here - New River Ranch Rising Sun Maryland
First Rock Song Written Here; Bessie Smith Died Here Clarksdale Mississippi
Springsteen Bought Jimmy Cliff Tape Here - Trapped Amsterdam Netherlands
Frankie Valli grew up in this housing project. Allendale New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen & Max Clinch were photographed here. Asbury Park New Jersey
Clarence Clemons, with the Broadways, Played Here Asbury Park New Jersey
Springsteen saw his first rock concert here. Atlantic City New Jersey
High School of Mr. Cool Himself, Ben Vaughn Audubon New Jersey
Latin Casino was here (2nd generation). Also, Emerald City. Cherry Hill New Jersey
Cream, Credence Clearwater Revival played here, Cherry Hill, NJ Cherry Hill New Jersey
Bill Haley had house band here, Pre-Comets Gloucester City New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen Motorcycle DUI Arrest Here; Final Episode of Guiding Light Highlands New Jersey
Atlantic City Pop Festival, August 1969 Mays Landing New Jersey
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) based on spinster buried in parking lot? New Brunswick New Jersey
Springsteen song about this Whole Foods store? Red Bank New Jersey
There's a Small Hotel was written about this inn. Stockton New Jersey
City Gardens rock and roll club was here; Jon Stewart worked as bartender; R.E.M. song written here. Trenton New Jersey
Pop Singer Billy Harner Founded This Barber Shop ( Sally Sayin' Somethin' ) Westmont New Jersey
Birthplace of Hip Hop Bronx New York
Jay-Z lived at and rapped about apartment here. Brooklyn New York
Mark Anthony & Jennifer Lopez lived here. Brookville New York
Site of Funk Star Rick James' Funeral Service Buffalo New York
The Ramones Loved the Pizza Here - Totonno's (Also, Bush 41 & 43, the Shangri-Las) Coney Island New York
Heliport was here during New York World's Fair, Beatles landed here, Madonna worked here. Flushing New York
Regina Spektor attended school here. (& Ralph Lauren, Chaim Potok) New York New York
Pop Star Madonna Had Lived Here New York New York
Songwriter Laura Nyro lived here. New York New York
Paul McCartney has a home here. New York New York
David Bowie was photographed here. New York New York
David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
The late David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
David Bowie would shop here. New York New York
David Bowie liked to eat here. New York New York
David Bowie liked breakfast here. New York New York
David Bowie lived here 1992-2002. New York New York
David Bowie liked this bookstore. New York New York
David Bowie liked to buy books here. New York New York
David Bowie bought records here - site of Bleeker Bob's (closed) New York New York
Ramones Debut Album Recorded Here New York New York
Cover of Ramones LP Shot Here New York New York
Sting album named after this intersection. New York New York
Jimmy Roselli bought frying pans here. New York New York
Taylor Swift's Townhouse. Strauss-Kahn under house arrest here. New York New York
Taylor Swift owns penthouse here. New York New York
Taylor Swift's townhouse was here. New York New York
Method Man and U-God worked at Statue of Liberty New York New York
Chagall, Michael Jackson, lived here. New York New York
Keith Richards Lived Here New York New York
A-ha guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy lived here. New York New York
Madonna was coat-check clerk here (Russian Tea Room). New York New York
Bette Midler lives here. New York New York
Plaza Sound Studios was here. (Blondie; Ramones) New York New York
David Bowie's Mountain Retreat Olive New York
Police (as in Sting's band) played in front of 3 people here. Poughkeepsie New York
Paul Simon grew up here. Queens New York
Cyndi Lauper was expelled from this high school. Richmond Hill New York
Howard Stern Grew Up Here Roosevelt New York
David Bowie bought art supplies here. Woodstock New York
David Bowie exercised here. Woodstock New York
Paul Revere & the Raiders first wore costumes here. Lake Oswego Oregon
High School of Florence LaRue of the 5th Dimension Abington Pennsylvania
Mansion Designed by Rafael Vinoly - Elton John Played Here Ambler Pennsylvania
Inspiration for Expressway to Your Heart by the Soul Survivors; I-76 by G. Love & Special Sauce Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania
Monkee Davy Jones' Home and Horse Farm Beavertown Pennsylvania
Blues Legend Muddy Waters Played Here Bensalem Pennsylvania
Where Christina Perri Was A Waitress Bensalem (Eddington) Pennsylvania
PFF (Peter F*g Frampton) Stencil Art (Graffiti) Was Here Blue Bell Pennsylvania
Bristol Stomp originate here? Bristol Pennsylvania
Bill Haley was music director at WPWA. Brookhaven Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Rain by Steve Forbert is about this club. Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania
Studio 4 (of Ruffhouse Records fame) is/was here. Conshohocken Pennsylvania
Peter Stone Brown and Ray Benson went to school here. Conshohocken Pennsylvania
Frank Sinatra, others, performed here, Valley Forge Music Fair Devon Pennsylvania
Keyboardist on Me and Mrs. Jones lives here (Lenny Pakula). Feasterville Pennsylvania
A Beach Boy and Deadfellow had breakfast together here. Glenside Pennsylvania
Springsteen played college arena 3X, once opening for Stevie Wonder. Kutztown Pennsylvania
Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Maybe not.] Kutztown Pennsylvania
Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Quite possibly.] Kutztown Pennsylvania
David Boreanaz, and Jim Croce, Attended this School Malvern Pennsylvania
Grave of pop singer Jim Croce Malvern Pennsylvania
Did the Beatles sleep on the floor here in 1964? Narberth Pennsylvania
John Oates of Hall & Oates grew up here. North Wales Pennsylvania
Bredenbeck's in Chestnut Hill - Elton John and Bon Jovi Were Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Jerry Blavat Once Lived Here; Warhol Filmed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Big Stars Recorded at the Warehouse Recording Studio Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rock Around the Clock co-writer lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philly Home of Dick Clark's American Bandstand Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philles Records Pressed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Record Store Here (1950s?) - Mayfair Radio Service Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Jimi Hendrix at Old Temple Stadium Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Me and Mrs. Jones lyrics originated here, Boot's Stage Door. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bye Bye Miss American Pie first performed here (?). Philadelphia Pennsylvania
John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., in this Philly basement. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
DJ Jazzy Jeff eats here; birthplace of the chicken cheesesteak. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cameo-Parkway Records was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Victor Record Shop was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates Lived Here in 1969 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Where Daryl Hall & John Oates Met Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Site of Teddy Pendergrass Auto Accident Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Singer Sam Cooke visited this Mt. Airy, Philly, home. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Springsteen, Joel & Manilow met here, 11/25/74 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bill Haley bought cowboy outfit here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Otis Redding, James Brown, played at this club - Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mural on Fresh Prince Album Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Swan Records was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elvis played (and was egged) here. Hendrix played here, too. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The original Electric Factory was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
High School Where The Stylistics Formed Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Record Company for the Delfonics was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Church where Patti LaBelle grew up singing. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Studio Four, Ruffhouse Records, had been here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
You can't get to heaven, on the Frankford El ... Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Alpha Studio & Philly World Records were here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rock legend Charlie Gracie recorded here: Reco-Art Sound Recording Co. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Chubby Checker grew up here - So. Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Chubby Checker's Elementary School Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Astrud Gilberto lives here (?). Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Hall & Oates Had First Show Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Woolworth's was here, great place to buy records. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
State Theater was here - West Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
White Stripes, John Legend, Played Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bobby Darren, Lou Cioci lived here. Bobby Rydell, next door. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Michael Jackson, other celebs, had hair cut here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Fresh Prince album cover shot here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
South Street appears in Orlons' and Dovells' songs. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Stevie Wonder played here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Todd Rundgren's Nazz Practiced Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner Got Marriage License Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Both Sides Now was written here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Gansta Rap originated here (via Schoolly D) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Roots' Members Used to Perform on Street Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Taylor Swift's great-great-grandfather lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Entertainment Greats Appeared at Rendezvous Room When It Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cameo-Parkway Records started in basement here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
WIBG aka WIBBAGE broadcasted from here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
O'Jays Stayed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Nina Simone was rejected by Curtis Institute of Music; received honorary degree. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
East Side Club was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke was born in a rowhouse here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke sold newspapers here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke had a car wash here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke panhandled here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Big Band Paradise - Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, PA Pottstown Pennsylvania
Rosedale Diner, from Hall & Oates Abandoned Luncheonette Cover, Was Here Pottstown Pennsylvania
Diner on cover of Abandoned Luncheonette LP cover by Hall & Oates was photographed here. Pottstown Pennsylvania
Taylor Swift was maid of honor in wedding ceremony here. Reading Pennsylvania
Taylor Swift was made of honor; wedding reception was here. Reading Pennsylvania
Bessie Smith, Tammi Terrell, buried here. Sharon Hill Pennsylvania
Crawdaddy Magazine was born here. Swarthmore Pennsylvania
Mashed Potato dance originated here. Upper Darby Pennsylvania
Harry Styles ate at this pizza joint at Villanova University. Villanova Pennsylvania
Old Covered Wagon Inn (Basie; Ellington; Nixon) to be replaced by a CVS? Wayne Pennsylvania
Frankie Avalon Dined Here - Limoncello Ristorante West Chester Pennsylvania
Country Greats Played This Picnic Grove - Sunset Park West Grove Pennsylvania
Childhood Home of Taylor Swift Wyomissing Pennsylvania
The Prescription House was here - Elvis Presley's Pharmacy Memphis Tennessee
Janis Joplin and Kree Harrison Born Here Port Arthur Texas
Kurt Cobain grew up in this house. Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain was born in this hospital. Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Graffiti on Wall Here, July 23, 1985 Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain Practiced Here, Mid-1980s Friday Harbor Washington
Park Memorializes Kurt Cobain Near His Childhood Home Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain's Elementary School Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain Got His First Guitar Here Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain Spent a Lot of Time at this House Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain's High School, Employer Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here in 1985. Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here in fall 1985. Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Trespassing Here Friday Harbor Washington
Krist Novoselic of Nirvana Lived Here Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain lived here in 1986. Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain worked at this restaurant. Grayland Washington
Kurt Cobain's Father Worked at Chevron Station that Existed on this Park Site Hoaquim Washington
Kurt Cobain's First Home Hoquiam Washington
Kurt Cobain's Second Elementary School Montesano Washington
Kurt Cobain was a maintenance man here. Ocean Shores Washington

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