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Ramones' Rock 'n' Roll High School Filmed Here Los Angeles California
Dennis Hopper lived here in the Hollywood Hills Los Angeles California
Actress jumped to her death from H in Hollywood Sign. Los Angeles California
Pee-wee Herman's favorite Walgreens. Los Angeles California
Unfinished Sympathy video by Massive Attack starts here. Los Angeles California
Bruce Vilanch & Stephen Tobolowsky ate here. Orange California
The Hotel of Stephen King's The Shining Estes Park Colorado
Grand Hotel Mackinac Island Michigan
Oskar Schindler Enamel Factory Historical Site Krakow ML
Wade's - Salvage Yard Provides Movie Props Atco New Jersey
Film Atlantic City filmed here. Atlantic City New Jersey
First Drive-In Movie Theater Pennsauken Township New Jersey
Drive-in Movie Invented and Tested Here Riverton New Jersey
Missile Tests at Island Beach State Park; Stealing Home Film Shot Here Seaside Park New Jersey
Bruce Willis Bartendered Here - Red Garter Saloon Wildwood New Jersey
Dennis Hopper lived in this movie theater. Truth or Consequences New Mexico
Batman was conceived here, in the Bronx. Bronx New York
Truman Capote's Apartment in Brooklyn Heights Brooklyn New York
Moonstruck was filmed here. Brooklyn New York
Angela Mao, the female Bruce Lee, owns this restaurant. Flushing New York
The Town House in Breakfast at Tiffany's New York New York
"Ribbon Cutting by Marlene Dietrich" New York New York
Ghostbusters Building - 55 Central Park West New York New York
Denzel Washington used this library to research a role. New York New York
E. Buk Art & Antiques was here: Contents of the World New York New York
Cover of Inside Dave Van Ronk Photographed Here New York New York
Harrison Ford, Matthew Broderick and Winona Ryder in films here. New York New York
Documentary filmmaker Tyler H. Brodie lived here. New York New York
Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick Home Was Here. New York New York
Martin Scorsese schooled here, St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School New York New York
Martin Scorses was an altar boy here. New York New York
Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson lived here. New York New York
Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch Apartment New York New York
When Harry Met Sally Christmas tree shop is here. New York New York
Greta Garbo Lived Here New York New York
Bradley Cooper was a doorman here. New York New York
Amy Poehler lives here. New York New York
Beat Street, hip-hop/graffiti movie, was filmed here. New York New York
Chagall, Michael Jackson, lived here. New York New York
Lisa Jane Persky, Harry Koutoukas and Yoko Ono lived here. New York New York
Bibbe Hansen grew up here. New York New York
Model Adriana Lima lived here. New York New York
Porn theater used to be here - Ittadi Garden & Grill Queens New York
Mansion Designed by Rafael Vinoly - Elton John Played Here Ambler Pennsylvania
Trouble with Angels was filmed here. Ambler Pennsylvania
Bala Theater - last Egyptian-style cinema in Delaware Valley Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania
Concrete Boat Factory Was Here a Century Ago, and Movie Signs - Bensalem, PA Bensalem Pennsylvania
PFF (Peter F*g Frampton) Stencil Art (Graffiti) Was Here Blue Bell Pennsylvania
Dain Curse Filmed in this Easton Courtroom Easton Pennsylvania
Bradley Cooper's High School Ft. Washington Pennsylvania
Luke Wilson at Foulkeways ( Tenure ) Gwynedd Pennsylvania
McDade Mall - The Lovely Bones Holmes Pennsylvania
UFO Landing in Kecksburg, PA (Pennsylvania's Roswell) Kecksburg Pennsylvania
Sound of Music Family Lived Here, 1939 to 1943 Lower Merion Pennsylvania
Home in Lovely Bones Movie Malvern Pennsylvania
Drug Store Where Signs, with Mel Gibson, Was Shot Morrisville Pennsylvania
Ex-Sears location was supposed to become a film studio in Norristown, PA Norristown Pennsylvania
Where Northeast High, the classic documentary, was filmed Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro was shot here (and Yellin ironwork) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Jerry Blavat Once Lived Here; Warhol Filmed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Charles Bukowski Drank Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rocky Balboa's Run on 9th Street, Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Film Shot at Campbell's Place, Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Terrence Howard Eats Here (Fairmount Park) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Colin Farrell at Barclay Prime Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Christmas lights from Silver Linings Playbook movie (& first rowhouses in America). Philadelphia Pennsylvania
John Waters Had Pink Flamingos Premier Party Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
W.C. Fields lived here in the 1880s. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
W.C. Fields lived here circa 1882. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Father of W.C. Fields worked here when it was a bar. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rocky II (movie) home for sale. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
News Reel Laboratory was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Port Richmond Books building was once a silent movie theater. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Actress Melissa Fitzgerald grew up here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Carlton Academy in Stealing Home movie was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Diner in Stealing Home Movie Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Stealing Home movie was shot at this home. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philly Train Station in Stealing Home Movie Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Boxing Arena in Rocky V Film in Danger of Demolition; Deemed Best Boxing Venue in the World Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Red Doors of this Apartment House Were in The Sixth Sense Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Edgemont Theater was once here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Screenwriter Michael Goldberg Grew Up Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Harrison Ford filmed in front of this building; Second Story disco was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
1956 Film Poster Painted on Wall Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Julian Abele designed Rocky Steps . Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Big Store (1998), Comcast commercial, were filmed here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
1872 RNC Here; Age of Innocence Scenes Filmed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rocky's Home in Rocky I Philadelphia Pennsylvania
David Lynch the filmmaker lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Kevin Bacon lived here. (And Michael and Edmund Bacon) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Warhol, EPI, Velvets appeared here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Andy Warhol's Superstars Filmed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner Got Marriage License Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pet store in Rocky was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bruce Willis sipped a San Remo here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bruce Willis ate a steak at the bar here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Courtroom used in Philadelphia movie. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
McCusker's Tavern could have been in Invincible, but declined. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Building has its own zip code, Trading Places filmed here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Greatest Game Ever Played Scene Actually Occurred Here Shawnee On Delaware Pennsylvania
Bradley Cooper filmed at Llanerch Diner Upper Darby Pennsylvania
Taps, with George C. Scott and Sean Penn, was filmed here. Wayne Pennsylvania
Theater Decorated with Conkling-Armstrong Terra-Cotta Wayne Pennsylvania
Frankie Avalon Dined Here - Limoncello Ristorante West Chester Pennsylvania
Site of First Eric Movie Theater Wynnewood Pennsylvania
Sky Pizza - in Parasite award-winning film. Seoul South Korea
Derby-Port Drive-In screen stood here; first in VT to sell Dr. Pepper. Derby Vermont
Lake mentioned in Titanic film, although not yet in existence. Lake Wissota Wisconsin

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