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Linda Ronstadt's dad ran a hardware store here. Tucson Arizona
Ramones' Rock 'n' Roll High School Filmed Here Los Angeles California
Where Bob Marley Worked Operating a Forklift Newark Delaware
President Garfield was shot here -site of National Gallery of Art Washington District of Columbia
W.S. Reynolds lived/worked here? Washington District of Columbia
Gabler's - was the best crab house in the history of the world! Aberdeen Maryland
First Broadside of Declaration of Independence Printed on this Site Baltimore Maryland
Babe Ruth once lived at what is now center field at Camden Yards. Baltimore Maryland
Slave pens were here, now Busch Stadium. St. Louis Missouri
Springsteen bought clothing here. Asbury Park New Jersey
Clarence Clemons, with the Broadways, Played Here Asbury Park New Jersey
All-black beach was here - 1900 thru early 1950s. Atlantic City New Jersey
Police Riot at Early Springsteen Show Here Atlantic Highlands New Jersey
Tippin Inn (on the chitterlin' circuit) Berlin Township New Jersey
Weber's Candy Store (for 123 years) Bridgeton New Jersey
Burlington Island, New Jersey Burlington New Jersey
Jersey Devil Sighting - Ferry Road, Camden Camden New Jersey
Latin Casino was here (2nd generation). Also, Emerald City. Cherry Hill New Jersey
Cream, Credence Clearwater Revival played here, Cherry Hill, NJ Cherry Hill New Jersey
Michael Landon Bronze Plaque Removed Collingswood New Jersey
Freeway Diner was here. Deptford New Jersey
Enslaved people were sold here in 1818 by Judge Van Wickle. East Brunswick New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen met up with friend at diner here. Glory Days ? Eatontown New Jersey
A house where Bruce Springsteen grew up was here. Freedhold New Jersey
Trenton Speedway on Site of Grounds for Sculptor; Concerts; Black Driver Hamilton Township New Jersey
Springsteen's dad worked at factory here. Holmdel New Jersey
Tube Bar, akin to Moe's Bar on The Simpsons, was here. Jersey City New Jersey
Pub that started Martin Luther King Jr.'s Civil Rights Crusade Maple Shade New Jersey
Bissett Pottery was here, circa 1878. Middlesex New Jersey
Bicycle Railroad in New Jersey Mount Holly New Jersey
First College Football Game EVER Was Played Here Nov. 6, 1869 New Brunswick New Jersey
First Drive-In Movie Theater Pennsauken Township New Jersey
DeLorenzo's pizza, best there is? (Scalia and Alito ate there!) Trenton New Jersey
Pulaski Hotel was here in Wildwood, NJ Wildwood New Jersey
Bruce Willis Bartendered Here - Red Garter Saloon Wildwood New Jersey
Mysterious Woodbridge Figures Originated Here Woodbridge New Jersey
Kentile Floors sign is/was here Brooklyn New York
Charley Ross's kidnappers were killed here. Brooklyn New York
Kremer's Carousel Works was here. Flushing New York
Horn & Hardart with waitress service was here. Fresh Meadows New York
Helen Hayes Theater New York New York
U.S.A.'s Largest Brewery in late 1800s New York New York
Book store where Patti Smith had worked. New York New York
Edwin Levick Aeronautical and Marine Photographers was here. New York New York
Alimony Club (prison) was once here. New York New York
Where Warhol First Saw the Velvet Underground Perform New York New York
Alexander's Department Store was on this site. New York New York
Frank Lloyd Wright -designed Auto Showroom Demolished New York New York
New York Library Site Was Once A Giant Storage Tank New York New York
Palette hotel, a love hotel, was here. New York New York
First Wall Street Journal was published here. New York New York
Ruxton automobile company's HQ was here. New York New York
Weegee's U.S. Hotel photo taken at this location. New York New York
Gerde's Folk City - Dylan's Professional Debut New York New York
Bowlmor Lanes was here for decades. New York New York
Violin Maker Shop of Angelo P. Vitalia Was Here New York New York
Clement Clarke Moore lived on this site. New York New York
This Land Is Your Land lyrics written on this site. New York New York
P.T. Barnum exhibited 161-year-old slave here. New York New York
Beat Street, hip-hop/graffiti movie, was filmed here. New York New York
Greatest Photo in Jazz Shot Here, Open Door Club New York New York
Thelonius Monk's "Nutty" recorded here - Five Spot New York New York
Name of musician St. Vincent' is from hospital where Dylan Thomas died. New York New York
The Quarantine was here. Staten Island New York
Writer David Quammen grew up here; Underground Railroad ran on same street. Cincinnati Ohio
Coach Dog Tavern was here for 23 years. Boyertown Pennsylvania
Red Lion Inn, Bensalem, PA Bensalem Pennsylvania
Toll House on Bristol Pike Bensalem Pennsylvania
Buehl Field Bensalem Pennsylvania
Halfway House - Philadelphia to Trenton Bensalem Pennsylvania
The Murder of Dr. Chapman Bensalem Pennsylvania
Site of Sarandrea's Farm - Cornwells Elementary School Bensalem Pennsylvania
Is Jim Bradley's Inside Fisher's Tudor House? Bensalem Pennsylvania
Sales Site for O-dome Homes Bensalem Pennsylvania
Site of Stan's Market Bensalem Pennsylvania
Andalusia Cycle Shop was here. Bensalem Pennsylvania
Concrete Boat Factory Was Here a Century Ago, and Movie Signs - Bensalem, PA Bensalem Pennsylvania
Kohl's on site of family farm in Bensalem, PA Bensalem Pennsylvania
Sztenderowicz Farm - Cornwells Heights Bensalem (Cornwells Heights) Pennsylvania
PFF (Peter F*g Frampton) Stencil Art (Graffiti) Was Here Blue Bell Pennsylvania
Bill Haley was music director at WPWA. Brookhaven Pennsylvania
Chadds Peak Ski Resort was here. Chadds Ford Pennsylvania
Important Area in Croydon, PA, for Black History Croydon Pennsylvania
Frank Sinatra, others, performed here, Valley Forge Music Fair Devon Pennsylvania
Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' was written about this property. Doylestown Pennsylvania
African American activist Layle Lane's LaCitadelle was here. Doylestown Pennsylvania
First Auntie Anne's Pretzel Stand Exton Pennsylvania
Housing Development Where Baseball Legend Was Born - Eddie Plank Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Sonny & Cher performed at Sans Souci Park Hanover Township Pennsylvania
Swell Bubble Gum factory was here. Havertown Pennsylvania
Langhorne Speedway was here. Langhorne Pennsylvania
Montgomeryville Mart, 1954 to 1990 Lansdale Pennsylvania
WEST POINT PARK, West Point, PA Lansdale Pennsylvania
514 W. Main - a Milton B. Bean design? Lansdale Pennsylvania
Historic Tremont Hotel was here, Lansdale, PA. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Bartholomew's was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Jeanne's was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Speedway Motors was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Zane's Bakery was here, Lansdale, PA Lansdale Pennsylvania
Broadway Hotel, Lansdale, was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Lansdale Memorial Works was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Lansdale High School was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
White's Liner Diner was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Shrey's Diner was here in the 1970s. Sun Oil station in 1920s. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Lansdale library, police department, were here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Heebner Agricultural Works was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
The A.C. Godshall Mill was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Did Wu-Tang Clan play in Lansdale, PA? Lansdale Pennsylvania
Perfect Foods, maker of Twitzels, was here. Lansdale Pennsylvania
Frank Boston, African American, Founded Hospital Here in 1934 Lansdale Pennsylvania
Witchwood Farms Restaurant was here. Montgomeryville Pennsylvania
Liseter Welsh Ponies Were Bred Here (and murderer had lived here) Newtown Square Pennsylvania
Garrick Theater, a Milton B. Bean Design Norristown Pennsylvania
Montgomery Square United Methodist Church (former site) North Wales Pennsylvania
Lansdale (PA) Airport was here. North Wales Pennsylvania
Montgomery Mall on site of town square in colonial times. North Wales Pennsylvania
Famed Wood Carver Noah Weiss Ran Hotel Here Northampton Pennsylvania
Rendez-Vous Room - Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Original Sony Walkman Was First Sold Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
P.T. Barnum Museum Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Crispus Attucks Hotel Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Nabisco Plant Where Charles Bukowski Worked Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Police Concert at Liberty Bell Racetrack Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Quarry on Knights Road, Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Site of an early show by The Police - Grendel's Lair Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Original Location - Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia Pennsylvania
19th Century Publishing/ Mfg. on Dock Street, Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Former Site of Shepherd of the Lambs Orphanage Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Site of Francis Perot's Sons Brewery & Malt House Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Ramsay's Oyster House was here (1940s) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
A. Kupchunas Bicycles was here (1940s) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Le Compte's Oyster House (1940s) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Dock Street was once Dock Creek. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Inquirer headquarters in 1860s Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Site of German Summer Theater Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Brick House Here in 1862 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Jimi Hendrix at Old Temple Stadium Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Babe Ruth played for a church team here - Kensington Neighborhood, Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Stanley Blacker Factory Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Boies Big Grizzly Penrose grew up here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
AHM Hobby Company was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Great grain elevator explosion was here - West Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Crawley Wood Shop, circa 1950 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
W.C. Fields lived here in the 1880s. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital was here. (Gertrude Bustill) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
W.C. Fields lived here circa 1882. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
News Reel Laboratory was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Huge Civil War Hospital in West Philly - Satterlee Hospital Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Headquarters of Pythian (African American) Baseball Club Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Jack Frost Sugar Refinery was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Wilbur Chocolate Factory was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Virgin Mary vision reported in West Philly at this site. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Tasty Baking Company had its warehouse here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philly's Chinatown Started Here Circa 1870 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Aquarama was here in the 1960s, Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
A. Schoenhut Co. (toymaker) was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Robert Morris Skaler, Philly historian / forensic-architect / postcard collector, grew up here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Inventor Walter Golaski's Workshop Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Funeral-for-a-home Home Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Original Latin Casino was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Louis Armstrong played at this Philly Club. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Louis Armstrong played Click Club in Philly; Longest Bar Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Embassy Club, Philly (& Cassatt Family) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Valley Forge Beer was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Open Door Cafe was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Shangri-La nightclub was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mary/Little Lamb author, who was also Thanksgiving founder, lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Otis Redding, James Brown, played at this club - Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elvis played (and was egged) here. Hendrix played here, too. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The original Electric Factory was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Dylan, Doors, at Philadelphia's Town Hall; Ray Charles Arrested Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Albany Insurance Co. of NY was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Alliance Insurance Co. was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
American Insurance Co. of Newark, NJ, was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
American Union Fire Insurance Co. was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Atlantic Casualty Company was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Camden Fire Insurance Association was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Starlite Ballroom was here (Kensington, Philly) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Omni's (musical night club) was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Rock legend Charlie Gracie recorded here: Reco-Art Sound Recording Co. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Drexel Camera Club met here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Declaration of Independence Written Here, Where Tom Thumb Hot Dogs Stood Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Hall & Oates Had First Show Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
State Theater was here - West Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania
School of Mary Anna Longstreth was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elks Center : Rich in African American, Jazz, Punk Rock History Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Scott & Grauer, World's Largest Beer Distributorship, Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Casani Candy was here, circa 1903 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Hershey Candy was here, early 20th Century Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Leary's Bookstore was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Home of Free African James Oronoko Dexter was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Kennel Club, Rainbows, The Loft, were here, Philadelphia Night Clubs Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cy's Penn Luncheonette was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Painter Thomas Eakins was born here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Octavius V. Catto lived in a home on this site. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Dox Thrash, Samuel J. Brown Jr., had a studio here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Only Doubleheader in Pro Basketball History Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Herbach & Rademan (& Liberty Bell) was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pub Tiki was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Racial Divide at 1948 Democratic Convention Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Did the hoagie originate here? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Old Jail Once Occupied Suit Corner Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Fays Theater (a Jim Crow theater), in West Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Noam Chomsky lived here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Oldest Black Church in U.S. started here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Esslinger's Brewery started here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Duke Ellington and Cootie Williams Photographed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
What was oldest black-owned business in Philly was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Man Ray was born here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Did Charles Bukowski live here? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Boy in the Box Discovery Site Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Magdalen Society: home to reform prostitutes, was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pet store in Rocky was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
NFL Headquarters Was Here A Short Time Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Entertainment Greats Appeared at Rendezvous Room When It Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Truly Warner, the largest hat store in the world, was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Motorcycle speed record set approx. here on an Ace, 1923. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Cheech & Chong/Muddy Waters concert at swim club here. (And Ike & Tina, others.) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Never-used subway station below this intersection? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Peter Stretch's Corner at the Sign of the Dial - Philadelphia Clockmaker Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Churches once stood across from Pat's and Geno's Steaks. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Solomon Burke was born in a rowhouse here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
ACME supermarket on site of Moyamensing Prison Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Herbach & Rademan was here, on Radio Row Philadlephia Pennsylvania
Piper Hill Ski Area was once here. Pipersville Pennsylvania
Rosedale Diner, from Hall & Oates Abandoned Luncheonette Cover, Was Here Pottstown Pennsylvania
Diner on cover of Abandoned Luncheonette LP cover by Hall & Oates was photographed here. Pottstown Pennsylvania
Old Time Hotel - the striped go-go bar, had been here; building had a long history. Warrington Pennsylvania
Jimmy Superfly Snuka's Girlfriend Died on This Site Whitehall Pennsylvania
The Great Negro Mart was here. Memphis Tennessee
Seminal Blues Genius L.V. Thomas Was Born Here Houston Texas
Church of Blues Genius L.V. Thomas Houston Texas
Seminal Blues Genius Geeshie Wiley Lived Here Houston Texas
Derby-Port Drive-In screen stood here; first in VT to sell Dr. Pepper. Derby Vermont
300-Year Old Ship Dug Up on Construction Site for Indigo Hotel Alexandria Virginia
Kurt Cobain Got His First Guitar Here Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain's High School, Employer Friday Harbor Washington
Kurt Cobain's Father Worked at Chevron Station that Existed on this Park Site Hoaquim Washington

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