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Subject City State
Kembrew McLeod wrote much of The Downtown Pop Underground here. Iowa City Iowa
Andy Warhol's Andy-Mat? New York New York
Site of Andy Warhol's Original The Factory New York New York
Capitol Fishing Tackle Co. (Patti Smith/ Robert Mapplethorpe) New York New York
Where Warhol First Saw the Velvet Underground Perform New York New York
Andy Warhol's Union Square Factory New York New York
Velvet Underground, Studio 54 & Capt. Kangaroo, Same Building? New York New York
Bibbe Hansen grew up here. New York New York
Peace Eye Bookstore was here. (Ed Sanders; Fugs; Andy Warhol) New York New York
John Cale lived, Velvet Underground wrote, here. New York New York
Andy Warhol lived here in 1949. New York New York
Andy Warhol lived here 1949-1950. New York New York
Andy Warhol lived here in 1950. New York New York
Death of Broadcaster Jessica Savitch; Warhol Connection New Hope Pennsylvania
Andy Warhol's New Hope, PA, Home New Hope Pennsylvania
The Trauma - Philadelphia Rock Club in the 60s Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Jerry Blavat Once Lived Here; Warhol Filmed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First solo museum show of Andy Warhol artwork was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Warhol, EPI, Velvets appeared here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Andy Warhol's Superstars Filmed Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Andy Warhol's Church in Pittsburgh - St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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