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Subject City State
Where B.B. King named Lucille, his guitar. Twist Arkansas
Most Famous Tower Records Was Here West Hollywood California
Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama had their first date here. Chicaco Illinois
David Bowie worked here at 16. London London
First Rock Song Written Here; Bessie Smith Died Here Clarksdale Mississippi
Springsteen saw his first rock concert here. Atlantic City New Jersey
First College Football Game EVER Was Played Here Nov. 6, 1869 New Brunswick New Jersey
First Drive-In Movie Theater Pennsauken Township New Jersey
Batman was conceived here, in the Bronx. Bronx New York
Birthplace of Hip Hop Bronx New York
Angela Mao, the female Bruce Lee, owns this restaurant. Flushing New York
First Wall Street Journal was published here. New York New York
Most Expensive Apartment in NYC History New York New York
Gerde's Folk City - Dylan's Professional Debut New York New York
Electric Tattooing Machine Invented Here New York New York
Ramones Debut Album Recorded Here New York New York
Velvet Underground, Studio 54 & Capt. Kangaroo, Same Building? New York New York
Genya Raven had her first kiss here. New York New York
Jeffrey Dahmer's House; Waitresses Musician Lives Here Akron Ohio
McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Sandwich Invented Here Cincinnati Ohio
Paul Revere & the Raiders first wore costumes here. Lake Oswego Oregon
First Rita's Water Ice Stand Ever Bensalem Pennsylvania
Bristol Stomp originate here? Bristol Pennsylvania
First Auntie Anne's Pretzel Stand Exton Pennsylvania
First Wawa Convenience Store Ever Folsom Pennsylvania
Amelia Earhart broke record in Horsham, PA Horsham Pennsylvania
The First Automat Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Where Cheez Whiz Was First Applied to a Cheesesteak? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Primo Hoagies' Original Location Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The Royal Theater on South Street, Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First Lee's Hoagies - Now Closed Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bye Bye Miss American Pie first performed here (?). Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First Commercial Computer Designed Here: Eckert-Mauchly Company Philadelphia Pennsylvania
DJ Jazzy Jeff eats here; birthplace of the chicken cheesesteak. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Headquarters of Pythian (African American) Baseball Club Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bob Dylan's First Philadelphia Appearance Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philly's Chinatown Started Here Circa 1870 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Where Daryl Hall & John Oates Met Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Radio Station was at Wanamaker's. News of the Titanic. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First solo museum show of Andy Warhol artwork was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philadelphia's First Skyscraper Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Library existed before Free Library of Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Hall & Oates Had First Show Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Was First Urban Outfitters Here? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First Urban Outfitters Store, Arguably Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First Pep Boys Store was here. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Did the hoagie originate here? Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First televised sports interview took place here. It was of Connie Mack. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
First NFL Draft Was Here, 1936 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Gansta Rap originated here (via Schoolly D) Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Motorcycle speed record set approx. here on an Ace, 1923. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Philadelphia's First Free Lending Library Was Here Philadelphia Pennsylvania
CPCU Society had its first office here, in this Art Deco building. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Texas Tommy sandwich originated here, in cup-shaped building. Pottstown Pennsylvania
Crawdaddy Magazine was born here. Swarthmore Pennsylvania
Site of First Eric Movie Theater Wynnewood Pennsylvania
Derby-Port Drive-In screen stood here; first in VT to sell Dr. Pepper. Derby Vermont
Kurt Cobain Got His First Guitar Here Friday Harbor Washington

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