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Club Zoe was here, Winter 1981


Club Zoe was here, Winter 1981

Club Zoe was a short-lived after-hours New Wave live music and dance bar in the Winter of 1981. If I remember correctly, there was a void in that type of club in Philly at the time that Club Zoe was trying to fill. The biggest band I know of that played there was Pretty Poison. See, for ex., https://services.library.drexel.edu/static_files/triangle/Drexel-Triangle_1981-01-30.pdf at pp. 8, 15 and https://services.library.drexel.edu/static_files/triangle/Drexel-Triangle_1981-02-06.pdf at p. 13.


Location: American Legion Penn Center Post 204 , 3924 Chestnut Street , University City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, United States
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