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Crawdaddy Magazine was born here.


Crawdaddy Magazine was born here.

Crawdaddy, the influential rock magazine (originally called Crawdaddy!), was first published in a dorm room here by freshman Paul Williams. The first issue was dated February 7, 1966. Williams left school after the third issue to pursue the publication of Crawdaddy full time. See the great article in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer, by Tom Wilk, on pp. C1, C3. It is mentioned in a few places on the Web that Crawdaddy was the first publication with a major profile of Bruce Springsteen. The first issue can be found at http://www.nosuchthingaswas.com/2015_11_01_archive.html. It does not give a more specific dorm room or building. If you have that information, please comment below.


Location: Swarthmore College , 500 College Avenue , Freshmen Dormitory (in 1966), Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 19081, United States
Listing Category: First Ever ..., Folk Music, Journalism, Pop Culture, Pop Music, Rock and Roll, Rock Stars, Springsteen, Bruce
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