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Herbach & Rademan was here, on Radio Row


Herbach & Rademan was here, on Radio Row

I was browsing in The Archive in Lansdale, PA, yesterday, and came upon a 1956 20th anniversary catalog for Herbach & Rademan, the electronic parts outlet. The address on it was 1202 Arch Street (although I see 1204 mentioned a lot on the Web; perhaps a double-wide building?), phone # LO7-4309. H&R, as it is called, is something like Edmund Scientific used to be in Barrington, NJ. I recall shopping at it in 1977 when I was at Drexel University as it was where the electrical engineering students went for parts. At that time, I recall walking to it from the Erie-Torresdale stop of the Frankford El, as it was on Erie Ave. I see online that it is now in Moorestown, NJ, but when it was on Arch Street it was a part of Radio Row, see http://www.phillyhistory.org/blog/index.php/2007/05/i-remember-arch-street/. I also see online that it had been at 522 Market St., at the site that once housed the Liberty Bell, see http://www.mnarc.org/edipole/2009/09DipMay.pdf.


Location: Panera Bread , 1202 Arch Street, Philadlephia, Pennsylvania, 19107, United States
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