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Did the hoagie originate here?


Did the hoagie originate here?

Like any other mythical folkloric food, there are competing stories on the origin of the hoagie sandwich and its naming. The most common one is that the workers at the Hog Island (no longer an island) shipyard that was on this site enjoyed giant sandwiches on a roll prepared by the wives of Italian American workers, and the item came to be called a hoggie, and then hoagie, perhaps also because of the involvement of an Irish American hoggie named Hogan. Google hoagie origin and you'll find a lot about it. And see the Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/31/16, at p. C2, Phila. airport sits on shipyard.


Location: Philadelphia International Airport , 8000 Essington Ave. , Formerly Hog Island, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19153, United States
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