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Todd Rundgren's Nazz Practiced Here


Todd Rundgren's Nazz Practiced Here

Did musician/producer Todd Rundgren's band, Nazz, practice upstairs here in 1967? A friend told me that his dad worked at Pomerantz, the stationery store that was at 1525 Chestnut in the 1960s, and that Todd Rundgren's dad owned the record store next door. I have not confirmed that. But after some Googling, I learned that Nazz did practice upstairs from a record store called Bartoff & Warfield in 1967, and that Bartoff & Warfield was an early financier of Nazz. My research found that the store was owned by Jerry Bartoff and Jack Warfield. I have not found an address listing for Bartoff & Warfield. But I have found a couple of photos online of the old Arcadia Theater at 1529 Chestnut, and some show a record store at 1527, which would have been adjacent to Pomerantz. (See, for ex., http://photos.cinematreasures.org/production/photos/154344/1452635374/large.jpg?1452635374.) So, I believe that Nazz practiced upstairs at 1527 Chestnut Street. If you have any information on this, please comment below.


Location: Bay Wellness Center , 1527 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19102, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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