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Largest Parochial School in the World Was Here


Largest Parochial School in the World Was Here

Kevin Purcell wrote a memoir (see www.phillywarzone.com) centered on race relations in Southwest Philadelphia while he was growing up. Clark DeLeon interviewed him in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/19/13, at p. C2. About this school, the column says that MSB was one of those 'too big to be true' Catholic schools - 100 children in a first-grade classroom taught by one nun. In 1964, when he entered first grade, Purcell says, MBS had five first-grade classrooms that size. Total enrollment through eighth grade was close to 3,500, giving MBS the perversely celebrated title of 'largest parochial grade school in the world.


Location: Most Blessed Sacrament School , 5628 Chester Ave. , 1730 South 56th Street , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19143, United States
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