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Huge Civil War Hospital in West Philly - Satterlee Hospital


Huge Civil War Hospital in West Philly - Satterlee Hospital

The West Philadelphia U.S. General Hospital, aka Satterlee Hospital, was here from 1862 to 1865. It ran from 42nd Street west to 46th Street, and Baltimore Avenue north to Spruce Street. Sisters of Mercy were the nurses. 12,000 Civil War injured were treated here, many from the Battle of Gettysburg. Clark Park is within what was its boundaries. A boulder from the Gettysburg battlefields is in place as a memorial in Clark Park. This information is from a great article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/26/13, at pp. A1, A7.


Location: Clark Park , 4301 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, United States
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Comments : For more information, see the Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/16/21, at p. U3, concerning an excerpt on this site from the book, "This Used To Be Philadelphia," by Natalie Pompilio.
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