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What was oldest black-owned business in Philly was here.


What was oldest black-owned business in Philly was here.

Warley Bascom & Sons, Upholsterers and Interior Decorators, started by free black Warley Bascom c. 1861, was at 261 S. Eighth St. until 1909, and then the family business moved to 247 S. Tenth St., until it went out of business in 1974. This information is from the Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/12/17, at p. C2. The article says that the blue upholstery chairs in the PSFS bank at South Twelfth St. is from the Bascom shop. PSFS is no longer in business, so I'm not sure if it means that the bank was in the PSFS Building, aka Loews Philadelphia, at 1200 Market St.


Location: Penn Medicine , 261 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106, United States
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